Thinking about going to MetaCon
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Posted 9/10/14 , edited 9/11/14
I want to skip all the whacking of bushes. What is good about this convention and what are the...issues...?
Every con has them, it doesn't have to be from the event organizers, can be anything. Ranging from parking at certain times, to downright horrible people that are known to frequent.

I will be going at it solo this year, all my friends discovered life outside high school and scattered about the USA, had kids, got jobs that are slave drivers, etc the whole works. So hopefully if I do go to MetaCon it will be enjoyable even without friends joining.

I learned my mistake from AniMinneapolis going at it solo, this time I will be getting a hotel. I thought I was going to be ok driving back and forth, but uhh...I didn't know just how bad the road system is in Minneapolis @[email protected] So this time I am getting a room to recharge and relax when needed.
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Posted 12/2/15 , edited 12/2/15
MetaCon 2014 & 2015 are long over. Locked.
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