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microsoft trying to buy minecraft
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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 9/16/14
I fail to see this as a problem at all; Microsoft buying Minecraft will hardly do anything, if anything at all, to the game. The fact that there are numerous places where you can download every version of Minecraft to date will effectively counter anything Microsoft does with the game. On top of this, it's not like the community is going to go on a complete standstill because Microsoft is buying the game. Mods will continue to be pumped out and the fact that there's so many mods for anything and everything that you could probably want in the game has already made the updates Mojang made since release obsolete. Doesn't matter who's adding content the game, the community has already made it all.

Of course I remain fairly ignorant on how the whole thing is going down (terms of service, legal stuff, restrictions, etc...) but regardless of what Microsoft does, my guess is that it's not going to do anything except probably cause complaints from fans because the updates Microsoft makes are now the "official ones and now us fans can't enjoy the game anymore because Microsoft ruined it."

P.S. Just my take on the whole situation; what I say is not something indisputable as you might be led to believe for who knows what reason. Why do I add this P.S. ? Because of my experience with the YouTube community which seems to twist and turn everything, much like the media, ohohohoho...
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