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Posted 9/11/14 , edited 2/9/15
I have really enjoyed beginning the show Shugo Chara, and noticed that there a bunch of episodes~ That's always a plus (+)

I wonder what my egg(s) would be like ?_?

I think I would have 2 eggs.

Please show your Guardian Character and it's egg style, if it has one. Like this

My first would be like Kiseki, but a Queen, instead of a King, with a pink sceptre and a coronet. Her name would be Hirei. Half beautiful & half princess. The egg would be pink with a white cross and a gold gem in the middle of the cross.

Character Change: Pip, Pan, Pop Beautiful dress/gown with regal bearing. Pink sceptre and coronet glow with warm light.

The other egg would look like a calm~meditating Buddhist Monk, golden wrap included, sitting in a Lotus~Flower position. This one's name would be Kendai, Ken as in Kendo, and dai, because it ends it well. This egg would have a Golden~aurific halo surrounding a brown egg with a flower bud at the center. The flower bud would have a tiny green sapling appearing.

Character Change: Lei, Rai, Hua Golden wrap and orange monk robes with a striker in one hand and a gong in the other.


If I did have a third, she would be a tiny chemist, with labcoat and glasses that hide what she is looking at *evil grin* Her name would be Kotaeni. The last egg would be Dazzling white, with a blood~drop tear being poured from a beaker to a test tube.

Character Change: Drip, Drop, Bang White Lab Coat, dark black pants, and beaker in one hand and test tube in the other, while mind is full of recipes of disaster and random effects...


Even if my eggs turned out to be something else, I would be okay with that.

Does anyone else watch Shugo Chara, Fairy Tail, Kaleido*Star, Sailor Moon) or Glass Mask?

These just happen to be the ones I have the most interest in other than Sacred Seven & Eight Man After (Eight Man After Returns, too)

I hope to start a fun thread here for others to enjoy heart~changing shows *__*

*Sorry to repeat this thread, but at least it's finally in the right place, I think...*
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Posted 10/27/14 , edited 2/9/15
I would have probably have two charas as well, but they are very different from yours.

My first would be Yume, a music chara. Sparkling and able to make anybody smile just by playing a note. She would be in a short dress, with a microphone and an headband with a music note on the top. Her egg would be powder blue, with a quarter note in the middle.

Her character change: Sing! Dance! Shine! I would get a microphone in one hand and would sing all the time.
My next would be Midori, a student. She would represent my dream to be at the top of my class. She would wear glasses, and a school girl uniform. Her egg would be black with an A + in the middle.

Character Change: Make the grade! I would get a pair of glasses and would be super smart.

I watched Shugo Chara, Fairy Tail, and Sailor Moon
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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 2/9/15
I would have 1-2

My first would be named Shika ( nothing specific behind the name ) Her egg would be turquoise with a black music note on it. Shika is a professional pianist. She would have brown hair, a turquoise and blue dress with a blue headband that has a black music note on it.

Character change : would make my clothes all turquoise ( my fav colour ) and i would be wearing a music note head band. would be able to relax everyone by playing my music ^-^

Second would be Tsuyoi. She is what her name means, strong! she would usually be wearing a purple t-shirt white pants and her black belt around her waist. And a black head band

Character change : Get a black head band on my head, have superhuman fists. xD
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 2/9/15
well i guess my egg would be like a singer since i love singing
my chara change will be a microphone
and name kimnnoro
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Posted 2/9/15
it would be miki
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Posted 7/25/16 , edited 7/25/16
I Would probably have an egg kind of like Dia
I might have a second Chara for Gaming
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