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Posted 9/13/14 , edited 9/13/14
Time for another discussion thread, even if it's likely to get no replies.

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This was a pretty weird episode.

Firstly, since it took place at a mixed bath, there were the obligatory scenes of Kouta going insane and being his usual perverted self, while the leader of the mystery club or whatever it's called goes off to look for evidence of some mythical wolf or something.

It doesn't take long before they find the wolf shrine in a jungle that looks much like the one near the beach in ep 7 and take some dodgy water back with them that they reckon will turn people into wolves.

Kouta drinks it thinking it was just normal water, and - as expected - gets slowly turned into a wolf over the next few scenes. Long story short he runs into one of the girls as a wolf and afterwards everyone tries to find the wolf to kill it.

Rurumo is the only one who realises the wolf is Kouta and they have to use a ticket to transform him back. He was preaching that he would change his life around and be less perverted when he was a wolf, since he thought it could have been a punishment. I doubt that will last long though, if the preview is anything to go by then he forgets all about that change of heart in the next episode.

Overall it was a reasonable episode again, I think they need to step up the main plot a bit more, and if Kouta keeps getting into situations that require him to use more and more tickets then he will end up dead, so something needs to happen soon.

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