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Posted 9/13/14 , edited 9/13/14
Hi guys,

Relatively new to Crunchyroll community, was mostly lurking and watching anime up 'til now.

I read a few different topics about PlayStation app and I noticed a lot of people asking about when it will become available in EU and UK. I live in the UK and likewise would love to use Crunchyroll app on my PS4.

It would be great if somebody from Crunchyroll staff shed some light on why the app is not available and whether there are any plans (and what would it take?) to get this app to us anime-starved Europeans. :)

Some veteran members probably have a few educated guesses about the reasons, however I am sure an official stance would be greatly appreciated by the community!

Thanks for the hard work :)

- sneg
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Posted 9/14/14 , edited 9/15/14
"What would it take?"

Annihilating AnimaxUK out of existence. Probably. ;-)

And then unlocking the Animax-licensed CR-eslewhere shows on CR. :-P
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