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Such a change in character!
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Gafennec wrote:

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Gafennec wrote:

For me it has to be Angel AKA Kanade Tachibana who went from cold merciless enforcer to one who was HELPING EVERYBODY and having Yuzuru Otonashi fall in love with her and she loving him.

The whole Kanade x Otanashi romance came from nowhere. NOWHERE.

A heart transplant means nothing romantically. The whole Yui x Blue hair guy thing was just as senseless. Romance isn't created by some magical plot device. It should begin with romantic bonding and crap. Hints, foreshadowing, all that jazz.
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MurphNH wrote:

I would actually argue the point in Kirito's change. He wasn't really a loner at any real time in SAO. He was more than willing to help out Klein at the beginning of Aincrad arc, but when he found out about permadeath, he didn't want to take any responsibility for the members of Klein's group. He couldn't keep them all safe at once where he was planning on going, but that doesn't mean he didn't want anything to do with them. The lone wolf thing was just an act. Especially when he took the mantle of being a Beater, so the other beta testers wouldn't take shit from the new players. When he finally dropped it, he got burned.

I'd actually say he was a loner. Not in the sense that he tried to push people away - he had no problem with individual people. He just tended to avoid groups, and wasn't much of a joiner.

Beta - Didn't he go solo during the beta?
Klein - He was just fine with him, and even made friends with him. However, when he found out he had friends, instead of banding together for survival, he chose to go it alone.
Level 10 Kobold Lord - Even when they were discussing how to stomp the kobold lord into the ground, Kirito was off in a corner by himself. His only party member was Asuna, who was also by herself.
Black Cats - To me, this was a moment when Kirito started thinking being alone sucked. However, he had trouble opening up to the guild even when he joined. He felt he needed to lie about himself to get in, and he always put some distance between them and himself. Then finally, when faced with the choice to save the guild at the risk of getting found out, he still kept his secret to himself. Afterwards, I just figured Kirito gave up on guilds after this.
Knights of the Blood - Joined because he was forced to.

I mean, he's a nice enough person and'll help people out, but he never seemed like the sort of person who opens himself up easily, or the type who likes being a part of large groups. He could have joined Klein's guild any time he wanted to, and I think even Asuna said he could join the Knights if he wanted. But up until Heathcliff forced him to join, he stayed solo. Some people are like that, and it's not bad - it's just how he is.

Either way, the point I tried to make was that he didn't really act like I knew him in Alfheim. I marathoned the original Aincrad arc and went into Alfheim, and all of a sudden he has moments where he acts like an outright goofball, and a very friendly, magnanimous one at that. Some of the antics that he pulled in Alfheim, I never imagined he'd do in Aincrad, though like I said, I think it was more to portray him in a more positive light.
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