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F / In my own little...
Posted 9/13/14 , edited 9/14/14
Looks: (u can have a picture if u wish)
Type: (healing wolf, guard wolf, hunter wolf,pup)
Secret: (optional)

Name: Starlight
Looks: light grey fur, blue eyes
Type: alpha wolf
Secret: -
Fear/weakness: seeing one of her pack members hurt, her brother
About: Starlight is brave, strong, and cares about her pack more then herself. The pack is everything to her.
History: she lived with her father, older sister, younger brother. After her father grew sick and unwell and had to chose the air to be the alpha, he chose the eldest. Soon one day the youngest grew jealous of his eldest sister...and killed her. His range grew stronger wanting to kill his father as well. But Starlight stopped him and tried to reason with him, but there was no hope. Starlight was forced to fight him. They battled for hours. Soon, he give up. He left and swore to Starlight he would get revenge to her AND the pack...but Starlight swore to him that she won't let that happen.....
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22 / F / Ohio, United States
Posted 9/18/14 , edited 9/18/14
Name: Mia
Looks: Dark n' Light brown fur, green eyes, smaller than average wolf
Type: Hunter wolf
Secret: Also part coyote
Fear/weakness: Being alone
About: She is very smart and a quick thinker. She's quiet and light on her feet. She loves to play and have fun.
History: When she was born, she was the only one in the litter to be part coyote and because of that she got kicked out of the pack. They also kicked the mother out with her for braking a pack rule and disgracing the pack for mating with a coyote, a rival of the wolf. Her mother died shortly after leaving the pack and Mia had to survive on her own, but before her mother died she taught her as much as she could about surviving thus allowing Mia to continue living. Though difficult, she pushed her way through survival and in turn giving her the strength and cleverness to finally be able to join a pack, a family.
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17 / F / midnight forest
Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/1/14
Name: Knine
Looks: jet black fur with green eyes
Type: guard wolf
Secret: (I can't think of one yet)
Fear/weakness: fire
About: she is quiet but strong. She guards her wolf commrands will care and let's NOTING hurt the pack.
History: her parents were killed by another wolf, she was left by herself and alone. One say Starlight and her sister found her and knew she would make a great guard wolf, they asked her if she would like to join their pack and Knine said yes. She then became friends with both Starlight and her sister. She sneaks revenge on the wolf who killed her parents.
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