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Name: Crimson_Kien
Gender: male & female
Age: 20
Origin: Mother is a bitten Vampire & Father is a pure blood Vampire
Skills/Power: healing & the ability to control vampires, human, and all living being
& super speed & keen sense of smell & can change my own gender

My life all changed on my 16th birthday, but before everything happened...
I lived a normal life as a normal teenage girl, that went to a normal school, and had normal friends, with normal teenage girl problems. Still I have to admit, that sometimes I do wish for some more adventure in my life, but I didn't expect it to be like this!
When my 16th birthday finally came, out of no where my parents told me everything. How my father was actually part of the royal family of vampires, how I was the air to the throne of the vampire world, how I had to leave everything that I hold dear in the human world behind to save a world that I didn't even know excited, how I inherited the ability to control both vampire, humans and all living being, so basically saying I can control demons,and gods was well! Just by letting them look at my eyes. When hearing this, I was shocked, but the most shocking thing I learned was. That I was the grand daughter of Lord Dracula!
I couldn't believe... until my mom reminded me of that one time a young man came to our house to visit mom and dad. I was around 5 years old at that time, so you would that I wouldn't remember, but I did and the sole reason I did is because when he was visiting, one time while playing hide and seek with me, I tripped and fell and started crying like crazy. No matter what mom and dad did I wouldn't stop crying. Until that man took a tooth pit and poked his own finger, and let me suck on the blood. I can still remember how sweet his blood was, I stop crying immediately. Plus I can still remember the surprising face my dad had. If I recall correctly I remember my dad taunting the man by saying

Dad-" I guess you really do have a heart Oh great grand father."

Now I'm getting a headache trying to remember what happened afterward

Me-Oh I know that I'm forgetting something!, But, what is it?"

Mom- "Crimson are you all right?"

Me- "Mom was what you're trying to say is that, that young man was Dracula?! No way, that's not possible Dracula is thousands of years old, and that man didn't look much older that you or dad.

Mom- " That's because he's Dracula, Crimson. Dracula is the king of all vampires, and what are vampires known for?

Me- "Their thirst for human blood and... their... long... youthful lives

It took me a moment to take it all in, but there was something still bothering me if what mom saying is true than. How come for all these years. Living in the human world I have never down the nee to feed on human blood? I looked at mom, she locked right back at me.

Mom- "let me guess, right now you're wondering why.You never needed to drink human blood, right?"

Me- "Y-yeah, how did you know?"

Mom- "let's answer your 1st question first, yes for all theses years you have never consumed any human blood, but...
It doesn't mean you haven't been feeding on blood of anther being. Ever since that incident, when Dracula let you drank his blood to calm you down... he has been feeding you his blood. I don't know for sure, but maybe because you have grown attached to Dracula blood that normal human blood doesn't interest you palate. Now to answer your second question, that answer is simple I'm your mom, Crimson--.

Right at that moment I caught a scent of something, no someone. I felt a hand on the top of my head it felt really cold, but oddly familiar and reassuring at the same time. I looked up at the person you was patting my head it... was...

Me- "G-grand dad Dracula?!


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