Fable Anniversary & why you shouldn't buy it
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Posted 9/14/14

You're paying full price for a game that was ported from a port. Xbox-> xbox360 -> PC.

Full price for a game where the main changes are HD visuals (which are blurry), with numerous sound & graphic issues.

There is less keyboard & mouse support, worse item menu, horrible keybindings for navigating said menu and even better - you can't change the keybinding for block&dodge which are both on the middle mouse button.

All you're doing if you purchase this game, is to support a horrible "remastered" port of a port with less functionalities and "prettier" graphics - which quite honestly didn't need changing!

When I tried playing, I had graphic stuttering and my computer manages 60 FPS in The Witcher 2 easily.

This is not a good port, it is most certainly not worth the price of a new game and if you can - avoid buying it all together. At least till they make redeemable fixes.
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Posted 9/14/14
I watched the video, and yet i still want to go and get it mostly because i want an excuse to play Fable again without playing the same game again (weird, i know!). Fable was THE game of my childhood and I can't wait to play it again. Hell, if Fable Anniversary is as bad as he says it is, i'll dig out my old Fable: The Lost Chapters CD hehe.
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Posted 12/25/15
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