What type of anime you'll make?
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Posted 9/15/14 , edited 9/15/14
It like you can create your own anime series or remake one. I know everbody think about it...to make your own anime series.How cool will that be alyou own anime series.The anime you made can be on Crunchyroll
Tell me what type of anime you'll make

*How many episode
*What will it be about
*If you want to remake a anime tell me what you will do better
*What type of anime will it be ex.Sports,Romance,Slice of life,Comedy
*Setting, Plot,and a Ending
*How many seasons

If you watch anime,I think you know how to make one
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Posted 9/25/14 , edited 9/26/14
I've been writing my own for YEARS now, and I STILL can't make it happen because any time I change the story a little, an anime releases with the story already hahaha so I'm trying to mix and match all my ideas, so far, here's one I've been working on recently...
A human male (2nd year high schooler as well) was walking home one day, when he came across a girl who had fallen down, and being the good nature person he is, he ran over to help her up and noticed she had a tattoo-like mark on her shoulder. He didn't pay too much mind to it, and continued helping her. The girl becomes flustered [edit : infatuated] when he does all this, and says she'd like to see him again. He agrees, and they plan on meeting a week later. A week later, after he was finished classes, he was on his way home again and saw another girl, this time she was wearing a cloak, and it seemed she was searching around for something. Once again, he offers to help any way that he can, and she turns towards him, and to his surprise, is not met with much kindness. After talking for a few minutes, she asks 'Have you seen a girl around here, about this tall, long hair?' His response; 'Yes, I saw her here a week ago, she had looked as though she'd fallen, so I helped her up and picked up her things. We're supposed to be meeting up later today or tomorrow.' She didn't like his answer, and then starts to attack him, with a blade appearing out of nowhere. Then, as his life flashes before his eyes, he thinks about that other girl (the one who had fallen), and upon wishing to see her before he dies, she appears out of nowhere, with a sword in each hand, defending him. A brawl ensues, and the 'fallen girl' triumphs. The other one swears vengeance on the boy (and to come and get the girl), and flies away. Shocked to what had just happened, he asks 'What's going on?! Who are you!? Wh---', her response (interrupting); 'I'm sorry, but we can't talk here. Come with me.'

So far, that's all I have down, plus I need to work on my artwork better, and find out good names, etc.
I hope it isn't too boring, nor do I hope that it's already a story being done.

How many episodes? I would probably do a normal 12-15 at first like any other non-well-known Anime, and depending how much story there was, maybe more?
It'd be a romance, action, comedy type deal.
The setting would be urban, but the boy lives near farmlands, while the girl lives in an unknown territory.
Names? Yeah, like I said, I'm not good on names yet hah!
I hope this is good enough of a response to your liking, of, and don't steal it please T_T
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Posted 11/8/14 , edited 1/31/15

Child running to mother in rain.
Child's point of view looking at mother
Shocked look on her face
Child slowly faints screen turns to black

Child wake up
Town in ruins
Buildings rusted
Desert like
What's going on

Finds girl
Government made new weapon
Catastrophic failure
95% of the earth populations dead
Girl takes child (now teen) to hide out
Girls everywhere

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Posted 10/11/15 , edited 10/12/15
An anime that shows what happens when one of the heroes fail to save the world. In other words, its about what happens after a bad ending. Probably gonna be a tragedy, something like akame ga kill where I make the people like a certain character and kill them off. lol.
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