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Your first, middle, and last impressions of certain Anime you've watched
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Posted 9/28/14 , edited 9/28/14
F: Not entirely sure what is going on, but there was some nice philisophical talk and that dude's fingers just undid getting cut off.
M: Slightly clearer on what's going on, and what's going on is awesome, violent, and insane in the best way possible.
L: That was awesome. *goes back to episode one*

F: Eh, cute moe blob magical girls. I'll keep watching because I've heard what happens in ep 3.
M: This is awesome. Takes the cute moe blob magical girl aesthetic and tells a tragedy. Kyubey is awesomely creepy.
L: That was excellent and everything I had hoped it would be.

F: Sort of bored. Liked Baccano's non-linear story telling better.
M: That was awesome. It is slightly non-linear, just not to the same extenet as Baccano.
L: Yep, that was a good anime. Should have watched this sooner.

Log Horizon
F: A bit slow, but looks interesting.
M: That was a very enjoyable bit of political maneuvering. Definitely like that this protagonist is older and intelligent.
L: Sort of eh on the romance, but it was handled so that it wasn't too annoying and didn't detract from the plot. Pumped for season 2 and what Shiroe has planned.

It sort of amuses me that first, middle, last results in fml.
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Posted 12/13/15 , edited 12/13/15
Thread resurrection, cuz I got more anime to FML (snicker)

My Love Story / Oremonogatari

First: LOL this guy is the main character of a romantic shoujo? Definitely not what I expected.
Middle: TAKEO IS A BADASS! And Yamato is so sweet she's giving me cavities!
Last: Must.... have... more....


First: Nice. The artwork is a big update from the manga.
Middle: Everything's proceeding as expected. But goddamn these scenes are brutal.
Last: Ends on a somber note. Long story short: Man is the real monster.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders

First: Aw yeah! Jojo and his grandpa are gonna kick some ass!
Last: LOL Jojo's grandpa is such a troll. All's well that ends well.

Food Wars / Shokugeki no Soma
First: WTF? Is this food porn!?
Middle: Mmm, damn! I tried one of his recipes and they are on point!
Last: Not since the old Iron Chef days have I had such high anticipations to see what an awesome dish looks like. Soma fucking rocks!

Log Horizon season 2

First: Why does everyone look so weird? Oh great, Studio Deen...
Middle: Log Horizon is really adding so much depth to all of the characters, even background ones! This is why I love this show.
Last: Please show more raids and PVP, Mamare-san!

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

First: Huh... this is certainly different.
Middle: Nice lesson on economics, but the lack of actual names is killing me.
Last: It's awfully short. I would've loved to see the results of their plan.
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102 / M / Boulevard of Brok...
Posted 12/13/15 , edited 12/13/15
First: Wow, pretty interesting anime. The characters are so funny and friendly. Good stuff we got here.
Middle: Oh my God, they're getting so mature and everyone's moving forward in life! Good for them.
1st half of Last: what......................... the..................... FUCK!!! NOOOOOOOO!! *Gouges eyeballs out* *Dies*
2nd half of Last: *Gets Revived* YES!!! THIS IS THE ENDING THEY DESERVE!! FUCK YEAH!! *Claps while smiling and crying*
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Posted 12/13/15 , edited 12/13/15
Hunter x Hunter
F: Not really feeling the main character but seems interesting.
M: Damn this show is actually pretty brutal and has some pretty awesome characters.
L: One of the best animes ever.

Log Horizon
F: Another video game anime, let's see what they do.
M: This show seems pretty fun and the world seems pretty deep I'll keep watching to see where it goes.
L: Man fuck those kids*stops watching mid season 2* .

JoJo Bizarre Adventure
F: Damn Dio is a piece of shit can't wait till he gets what's coming to him.
M: This show is so random and awesome.
L: That was awesome can't wait for the next season.

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