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Opinions on Japan's "Manga Anime Guardian"
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Posted 9/16/14
I personally think its a great idea, I am greatly against anime piracy.

I was wondering what other people thought about it.

Heres a TL; DR of the MAG
Japanese government started a anti piracy prpgram. Theyre going to nicely ask pirate sites to remove content that are licensed.
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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 9/16/14
there have been way to many of these threads lately.

MAG is one of the stupidest initiatives to stop piracy i have ever heard of.

"Herp a derp derp, lets stop pirating by sending threatening emails to torrent sites and then not providing easy ways for people to acquire anime legally; it doesn't matter if someone doesn't live in the major 1st world countries, they can just pay for overpriced blu rays (80$+ due to duty and shipping). Lets save anime by not addressing the reasons as to why people pirate" ~Japanese government

crunchyroll is the only site i can actually stream shows on besides daisuki.

and still, 50% or more of the crunchyroll catalog of shows are region restricted.

Do i feel bad about pirating shows i cant legally stream? nope. Do i want to hurt the industry? nope,

I would love to pay for the shows i watch (which i do, but i have spent over 2k on blu rays and they were all 80$ per season)

If stuff is going to continue being region restricted due to out dated licensing laws that dont translate well into the new era of internationally internet connectivity, its not my problem.
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Posted 9/16/14
^Said the instant gratification guy who might have to much time on his hands.

Me? I'd like to see if I could get a job with this new division.
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42 / F / Washington, USA
Posted 9/17/14
they need to spend more time researching sites where you can legally want anime ad-supported as well as retail disks and they need to support more anime and manga titles.. There is WAY more available out there than that. I have it bookmarked, but its kind of a waste of my time
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Posted 10/3/14
I say it is a great idea to fight piracy and I hope it works out. Everyone, please support the official release of anime and manga
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Posted 12/22/15
Year-end cleaning. Closing threads with no new posts since 2014.
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