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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 9/16/14
I would be interested in finding a great anime-themed MMORPG (could be an RPG on computer Xbox 360, but I especially am looking MMORPG), one that I would enjoy with good character creation, creative maps and landscapes, magic and awesome weapons, etc. One from Japan would be ideal. I would like suggestions for what would-be the best choice(s) with many people playing. I would like to find a good one to stick with. I'm also thinking of getting FFXIV Realm Reborn, I might just try that. Though I would still like suggestions. ^.^
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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 9/16/14
It really depends on whether you care about graphics/grindyness. There's a lot of JMMORPGs but they're usually pretty boring, and occasionally Pay2Win. FFXIV: ARR is pretty good but PvP is pretty pointless.
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PC gaming is that away.
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Onigiri. I don't play it or any MMO's in general.. The trailers for the PS4 (it was first released on PC) version made it look like the game's fun.
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Posted 9/19/14 , edited 9/19/14
Following up on mid012's post

I would say, I won't recommend it at this point unless they started getting significant updates that will make the game less grindy. How much grinding you would need ? Well let's just say you need grind about 5 or 10 dungeons every level because the quest don't give you enough xp to level up to the next quest's difficulty and also to upgrade your weapon you need to have a lot of golds ( talking about 10k here ) while most dungeon only about 1k golds early on ) You want to complete quests ? Half of the mobs are in dungeons ( lucky for players, most dungeon can be soloed if you don't get ganged up by mobs ) Oh, you want to craft stuffs ? All the mats are dropped by monsters in dungeon. You want to level up ? Dungeon, You need to money to upgrade ? Dungeon. You want to just rush through the storyline ? Dungeon ( with a bored lvl 60s,70,80,90, or even 100 carrying you )

This game probably had the most dungeons out of every MMO. Your first dungeon is at lvl 3, the newbie zone you started got 7 dungeons for you to do your grinding threadmill in. As you get to higher level, you will have to go back to those zones and grind again on hard mode, hell mode to get better gears, gold or just mindless exp.

As soon as i made my character in the game, the first thing that greet me is a lvl 40 who asked me if i need help, i said yes, and he just took me to the first dungeon on hell mode while i leech. You will doing a lot of those because leeching exp on the hardest difficulty is one of the best way to grind golds. ( Don't think the high levels are doing it for charity, they usually invite low level players to inflate the enemy's powers and level so that they get more golds from just grinding it alone and not fall asleep due to how grinding it is. Most dungeons bosses's mechanics can be bypassed by just bursting them down fast with high level weapon that you probably have if you leech in dungeons that got mobs that will probably kill you in one hit if they even sneeze at you. Through there are some actual dungeons that is actually big with unique places, contain bosses that actually requires to know their mechanices rather than press 1,2,3, and dodge that work on most optional dungeon's boss.

Your combat ability depend on the RNG Gods too. Since the ability you can use depend on your weapon, you can find two same rare swords and chances are they contain 3 different ability and stats that may or may not syngerize with each other. So you will be grinding a lot of mobs for weapon drops too because RNG. For example i found a spear that got all aoe skills on all 3 slot but sadly the base damage is so low that i have to use two skill in quick succession to kill the horde of mobs that i aggroed while running around the whole dungeon ( Basic Grinding tactic in Onigiri )

After i mentioned all of it's bad points. It is fair that I should mention some of it's good point.

I would say the story is sort of generic, since it is about an Oni ( your toon ) who went out into the world along with his/her companion who accidently unsealed an ancient evil and trying to steal it back again.

I like the companions through, since they interact with each other a lot and contain a lot more personality than your average companion these days.

The setting is a bit weird, since i see modern buildings with aircons in the Oni town, while ... walking around in the countryside murdering youkai with ancient weapons and one of the companion is a 4th wall breaker who kept insisting that she is a girl who like to troll on the internet forums ....

The enemies youkai got a few basic models with different colors / name, but they are all hilarous or weird because they are apparantly based on the real youkai in japanese mythology through a few monsters from other myth Tiamat, Ahirman, or Beelzebub somehow slipped in.
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/22/14
kind of irrelevant to the topic, but i'd absolutely love an MMO based in the Sword Art Online world, i know i'm not the only one to think of it but i just think it'd be really cool! you could have the main hub world be 'reality' and then you can go into either SAO, AHO or GGO (and future VR's).

I used to play a couple of pretty cool anime style MMO's but i cannot remember the name of the game, if i do i'll come back and edit this post!
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/23/14
If you're looking to get into MMORPGs, I recommend staying FAR away from anime-themed ones. Based on experience, most of them are either:

- Downright garbage
- Free-To-Play, Pay-To-Win
- Gimped versions of more successful/popular MMORPGs
- All of the above

Based on your criteria, I would recommend Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. It's not exactly anime-styled, but it is still very Japanese in design. It's a very good MMORPG in my opinion, with plenty of content and customization, challenging boss fights, beautiful world, great music, pretty good community (until endgame, at least) and lots of lore and story content. Plus, it's still fairly new (only a year old) so the game and its community will only expand even further at this point. Gameplay is traditional point-and-click though, so just be warned.

Guild Wars 2 is another great MMORPG, but it's definitely not anime styled nor Japanese.
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Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/24/14
Try Scions of Fate or Flyff.
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Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/25/14
u know what would be cool? living in a game like SAO and Log horzion but have anime artwork instead of the mmos we have today.
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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/30/14
I've been playing Archeage and it really feels like playing SAO with all the liberty you have housing, crafting, fighting its really nice
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Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/1/14
Final Fantasy 14 is a good MMO.
I've played WoW for nearly 9 years, tried Guild Wars 2 and played Star Wars Old republic back when it was released, and I can honestly say the only MMO that has been close to topple WoW is Final Fantasy 14.
I'm playing it myself at the moment.

It's a gorgeous game and the customization is a lot of fun to fiddle around with.
There are only two healing classes, Scholar and White Mage.
White mage in particular is being praised to the skies, since it's not as one-way as other mmo healers tends to be.
Lots of support and even damage dealing you can pull off as a healer.

Also, no class feels weak.
The gap between melee and ranged however seems to be a little unbalanced, having the game seemingly favor ranged, but apart from that it's a very solid and balanced game.
PvP however is garbage from what I hear for the most part, so I suppose if that's what gets you all hyped up, you might wanna skip on this one.

When it comes to "Anime-Themed MMORPG" this is probably as good as it gets.
Also, it's not a f2p or p2w game. There's a monthly fee.
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Posted 10/4/14 , edited 10/5/14
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Posted 10/6/14 , edited 10/6/14
FFIV: ARR is the best you can get now in terms of JMMORPGs, everything else is just linear and boring and usually straight-up p2w trash.
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