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Posted 9/16/14 , edited 9/16/14
Hey guys been wanting to post this thread for a while now, I figured why not just do it today. Just for people who want to know of this website it's called Plug Dj, This site allows users to share music live with other people that enters the room. The site lets you take any youtube music video or soundcloud music files to save to you're playlist and stream it in the room for everyone to listen. This site is awesome for discovering new music and sharing it with friends with a live dedicated chat.

I am a active global moderator for the website and been on it for alittle over a year now. I wanted to create a room for my friends and other Crunchyroll users to hangout and share music with each other. Since this is a brand new room I will also be looking for admins to help me run the room and keep it organized. To sign up for this site its very easy, by using a facebook account, twitter or google + email account. Finally Here are some pictures to let you see what it looks like and also a link to the Crunchyroll music room I made for the site. Any questions feel free to ask :D

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