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Post Reply Your top 10 anime shows of all time?
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Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/1/14

Bob_Bob_Law wrote:

Mikko_Osaki wrote:

Bob_Bob_Law wrote:

Here is mine and in no particular order.

Space Dandy
Cowboy Bebop
Gundam (Wing and G)
Dragon Ball Z
Bobobo Bo Bobobo
My Ordinary Life
Ruroni Kenshin (known as Samurai X to others)
Samurai Champloo
7 Samurai (not the 1954 movie but it was an amazing movie)
Death Note

I was also thinking of putting Death Note as my favorite show - that show has a solid story. I haven't seen it a while though.

I still think it has one of the most straight forward story even with its 27 episodes

I know right? and the ending was OMG.

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Posted 10/9/14 , edited 10/9/14
Great lists! I love seeing other people's anime lists!

I'm still working on a reply to this in my head...LOL. I'm not sure if I'm capable of putting them in order or limiting them to 10!

Maybe soon...
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Posted 8/11/15 , edited 8/11/15
1. Fairy Tail
2. Spice and Wolf
3. Parasyte
4. The World God Only Knows
5. Blue Exorcist
6. Magi
7. Erin
8. Toradora
9. Nagi no Asukara
10. Black Butler
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Posted 8/20/17 , edited 8/21/17
1 Monogatari Series
2 Mirai Nikki
3 Steins Gate
4 Zero no Tsukaima
5 Infinite Stratos
6 Welcome to the NHK
7 XXX Holic
8 Nazo no Kanajo X
9 Spice and Wolf
10 Ben-To
and many many many others
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