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Copyright holders want to ban VPN users from Netflix
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Posted 9/17/14
eh, to be honest, if i cant find an easy (legal) way to watch something, i know a torrent is just a click away. ban the VPN? okay, now what? torrents are a pretty safe method of stealing. no one cares enough to even keep torrent sites down.....

i understand why they want to dump VPN's, but its not going to make things better. just make more pirates.
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Posted 9/18/14
Damned if you do, damned if you don't. As was said earlier, VPNs do have a well earned reputation for getting around country restrictions. However, they have also been used to get around speed restrictions placed by some sites and internet carriers. If you allow the use of VPNs, then country restricted material is almost impossible to enforce. If you don't allow the use of VPNs, then limitations on speed and connectivity get implemented for some folks.

Why limit content to some countries? Not everything has the same legal status. What is allowed in Europe may not be allowed in the US and the same in reverse. Sometimes it is a matter of different laws about censorship, while at other times it may be that a given company is banned entirely. The seesaw goes back and forth, and the nature of this beast is such that no one has found any way to create a happy medium.
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Posted 9/18/14

IngramIV wrote:

Shhhh Silence... Crunchyroll is not a place for this kind of topic....

How on earth they are gonna ban VPN user if most of news vpn are ipv6 based , most powerfull one are non ip adress.

I support VPN for some content only and not for all, in case like our page crunchyroll i do this and most people do it too:
-Find a legal way to stream it if not
- Torrent it. Nuff said

If the company does not want my money form the rating census of a show, fine, I just download it.

No f*cks given.
If the CR mods ban me, oh well. I barelly use this site, for anything these days. And I haven't streamed anything on here for 6 years now.

People will of course start to torrent or watch illegal streams. So if the copyright holders ever become less dumb, they'll pay a little extra and stop with those bullshit exclusives.
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Posted 9/18/14
Not going to ban, but I will close the thread.

I agree, discussions about the use of VPN do violate the ToS here and at most legal streaming sites. CR brings legal anime streams over, and benefits the industry to make more of the same. But the legal side does include limits, such as where they can provide said streams, and using systems to get around the limits that CR legally agrees to is against the rules.
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