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Writer Introductions
Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
I write manga... I'm in college to become a graphic novelist... Second year... Hopefully some day my work will be here to read/view...
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M / Germany
Posted 10/20/14 , edited 10/20/14
Hi, alcrowry here!

I've been writing for quite a while, I guess it started when I'm still in elementary school, but back then it was just for fun and mostly I just wrote what came into mind.

For the past few years, I've been writing more seriously, you can read it on It's like a novel, although I wrote and released it chapter-by-chapter. The themes are about fantasy and a bit of science-fiction (well, I hope it's science-fiction, lol). But unfortunately it's only in Indonesian for now.... anyway, if anyone can read and comment on it, I would really appreciate it
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30 / F
Posted 10/21/14 , edited 10/21/14
Writing?= my real self! I've been into writing ( essays, articles, news or just personal thoughts and opinion) since I'm a highschool student.
It's my passage of expressing my real thoughts;) I've done writing many stories in our school magazine. Right now...I'm working on my first novel...Paulo Coelho and Dan brown inspire me a lot!
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21 / F
Posted 10/23/14 , edited 10/24/14
Hey, I go by Ike, but when it comes to stories, my pen name is Loker Montagary :3

Anyways, I've been writing ever since late elementary and I practically write in any genre that interest me, though I tend to sprinkle a bit of romance here and there. I currently don't have any story up (that can be read without having to sign up), but I'll think about posting it here ;P
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31 / M
Posted 10/27/14 , edited 10/28/14
My name is Thom, and my writing is cathartic.

I've always had a stupid sense of humor, so I've had to entertain myself a lot. I used to go by Thomas, but I got sick of it. I decided in the fifth grade to switch to Tom, but I kept naturally trying to write Thomas on my schoolwork, so I found myself just stopping at the "m." It became a habit because I thought it was a funny compromise with myself.

I have been writing since I learned to read, it was poetry for a long, long... really long time. I've always had a hard time starting or ending a story. Or a thought.

I started college thinking I would be a journalist, but college didn't work out, and journalism was stifling. I just couldn't apply myself to general education when I was being asked to study the same biology course matter that I studied in middle school, to show up to "The Art of Public Speaking" when I already had medals from high school debate, speech, and student congress competitions.

I dropped out and spent a lot of time goofing off in the art counterculture in my city, which will remain nameless.

So now I'm writing again because otherwise I work in a crappy warehouse for a man I can't agree with on hardly anything. I am working on a collaborative potential comic book with a good old friend who once lifted me over his head so I could crawl into my second story window and retrieve the keys I had locked in my dorm. He got me the job at this warehouse and is as eager to put his drawing skills to use as I am to write something complete.

It's an action-comedy centering around a washed-up, homeless rock band discovering a universe of ghosts and witches and homeless warriors and various other supernatural threats that the general public is unaware of and sheltered from. The twist is, this band is so out of control and washed up that nobody believes them or even really wants them around. I plan on taking it into outer space and shifting it from mystical fantasy to sci-fi, and I have the framework to do this, but I am having trouble with filling it with interesting development.

I'm working on lots and lots of things at the same time, because I'm a writer of momentum. If I slow down or second-guess my projects, they wind up dead in the water. But each of them is a whole world I have to make some calls in that I am not comfortable making. If I have characters even loosely based on friends of mine, which I have to tell them because I really need their consent, how can I explain to them why that character has to die when the story starts moving in that direction?

A published friend of mine says the best stories either take a sane person and put them in an insane situation, or they take an insane person and put them in a sane situation. I kind of get it, but I feel like I'm an insane person stuck in a series of insane situations.

Maybe I should have just gone with college.
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F / Animeland
Posted 10/30/14 , edited 10/30/14
Hello! I'm Anime Entertainer and I'm sixteen. I'm young writer who wants to become a professional writer. However my writing isn't the best and when I start writing I don't really finish my writing because I don't feel confident with it so I stop writing. I acknowledge I could write better writing but I really don't know how and I really don't know what type of genre I would write about. I'm good at giving criticism because know what book needs to be good. I hope in the future I know what genre I want to be and be confident with writing.
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24 / F / England
Posted 11/26/14 , edited 11/26/14
Hello. My name is Valeria. I am kind of new to crunchy roll and to any forum that really shares their writing. I used to have a crunchy roll but now everything has changed. I have an idea in my head of a good story that I could write. I honestly have about a paragraph or two written out for it but that's it. I hope I can share it here and you guys can let me know what you think.
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24 / M / Fraxinus
Posted 11/28/14 , edited 11/28/14
Well, hey. Might as well make my first post in the Writer's Corner and introduction. I'm Frenzify and I write sci-fi, I guess. Although, it would be more accurate to say I write superheroes... And it would be even more accurate to say I don't write superheroes, but supervillains... Even then, in a world where everyone has abilities, what's really super about them? You know what? Most of my writing is about people with abilities who do horrible, horrible things.

Anyway, I've been writing for some years now, and since I have no real interest in publishing in the near future, I guess, at the moment, you could call me a fairly serious hobbyist.
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27 / F / Dorset, UK
Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/5/14
Hi! I'm YukikoRei and write urban fantasy in my spare time. I'm currently in the planning stage of a book set in London with a female nogitsune (a type of kitsune) as the main character.

Sometimes anime sparks an idea off and I get writing. My biggest problem is finishing anything!
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19 / M
Posted 12/5/14 , edited 12/7/14
Hello, people... I'm not as old or experienced as many here but I have a very active imagination and that helps me shape worlds that I can bring to life. I've been writing since seventh grade and am currently midway into my second year of high school. Currently in a creative writing class so I hope that helps me improve on top of all the practicing I do myself.

I am working on two series right now, both featuring espers. However, one is set in WWII with heavy focus on the horrors and discrimination of the war, while another one is set in the year 2054 and is really just about having fun with science, while at the same time telling a story. I try to create characters that people can enjoy, and even relate to, most based on one or more of my personality traits or friends of mine. I'm planning on becoming a light novelist due to my love for anime, manga, and light novels and wanting to contribute to the amazing world of them all.

Next to those two stories, I also write fan fictions for Halo and Destiny, well I will. I have a few planned out, as well as a crossover between the two universes. The other stories are my main focus so these kinds of stories are going to be more of side projects.

If I had to choose a favorite genre to write, I wouldn't be able to answer. I love science fiction but at the same time fantasy is such an amazing thing to have fun with so I'd have to say both of those. I also think I struggle with writing movement clearly in writing and introductory chapters. I've thought of so much for my stories, but I can never fully create what I think is a good opening chapter, one that introduces all the characters and the main idea of the story.

If I find a way to add on to or make this look better, I will come back and edit it.
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29 / M
Posted 12/12/14 , edited 12/13/14
Howdy, fellow penmen! For an arbitrary sense of anonymity (I'd still pretty much be anonymous even if I supplied my name, right?), I may be referred to as Waldo, a nickname I'll likely never escape. As a writer, I have incredibly limited public exposure; some of my poetry can be found in the archives of the literary journal Lyceum produced at the University of Michigan-Dearborn (it has been a while since I checked if they continue to publish the journal online, but there are a couple of very good short stories and one fantastic poem that I believe is titled "Tennis without a Net" [not mine, unfortunately] on their website if ever compelled by curiosity to see the products of aspiring writers struggling through academia). Other than that, I have not yet had success getting my poetry published, though I have not made serious enough efforts in that endeavor and have wrongly targeted the most discerning of publishers (they pay better than others and money sadly steers too many of our decisions).

As of today, however, I have completed graduate school (huzzah!) and am intent on letting loose some writing samples into the vast expanses of the internet. Of course, that surely means very few, if any, people will care to see them, but it seems a necessary task if I am to pursue a career in writing or editing. Anyway, once I figure out a way to manage the whole blogging thing, I am planning on two projects: basketball analysis in one location, and academic video game essays in another. You're likely questioning the jumble of words "academic video game essays," but what that would entail is an investigation into the literary and cultural value of particular video games through varying lenses of literary criticism and video games' allusions (mostly mythological). Sure, there are plenty of sources for essays of a similar sense, but frankly, they are drab, poorly articulated (riddled with typos and grammatical errors), and do not respect the intellectual potential of games and gamers; some video games warrant contemplation beyond the surface narrative or into the strategies of procedure. A recent thesis of mine, written for a course focused on Greek and Roman Mythology, was about the revision to the Orpheus and Eurydice myth in Ovid's Metamorphoses that comprises the whole of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 and the pitfalls of memory that threaten ambition. I also expect to write another essay on the same game, but while reflecting upon Albert Camus' The Myth of Sisyphus after familiarizing myself with developing web content (if you can't tell, I think Persona 3 is a remarkable game for reasons far beyond gameplay and immediate considerations of the story). Considerate and elaborate thought certainly goes into the creation of any literary product, but it is also an audience's responsibility to recognize and respond to the provocations for further thought; all I wish to do is aid in the emergence of that response as it pertains to video games, not only providing my own interpretations, but encouraging others to act in kind.

Okay, that's enough drivel for an introduction. Perhaps, if anyone has gained any interest in my intentions, I will appear again to offer some guidance towards my other ramblings once they have found a comfortable second home somewhere outside of my head.
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30 / M / Bullhead City, AZ
Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/18/14
I'm Scott and I write because it's the only thing I'm good at.
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35 / M / outer wall, level...
Posted 12/18/14 , edited 12/19/14
im nemoskull (duh) and i write...stuff.
mostly random ideas i get, and fanfiction. i like the boring parts of action romances, so i usualy write taht.
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31 / M
Posted 12/20/14 , edited 12/21/14
name is Raptor , I already wrote my first light novel , its a collobration between me and a friend from another country , the first vel is already finished and ready for publishing, currentlly doing the 2nd vel
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20 / M / Warrensburg, Miss...
Posted 1/5/15 , edited 1/6/15
I have a love for storytelling, and I feel that I can do it best through scriptwriting.
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