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Writer Introductions
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25 / F / Hoth
Posted 1/9/15
Hello, I'm Missee ^.^

I've always aspired to be a writer. For several years, I've been working on a fantasy series. I intend for it to have at least five books! I'm a bit of a disorganized person so I have drafts and plans strewn all over the place, but I'm endlessly working on further developing my plot and characters, and am confident that someday I'll be able to share the stories that float around through my head once all the pieces of the puzzle come together :3
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24 / M / Illinois
Posted 1/13/15
Hi my name is Thomas and I am a huge fan of limitless imagination (especially paranormal and philosophy). I enjoy many different kinds of stories in the form of movies, music, anime, books, etc. but what sets me apart from most people who thoroughly enjoy these activities is my ability to deeply reflect upon the subject and my willingness to spread the joys of it accordingly. I am a man that delves deep into imagination and I am very proud to say I thoroughly enjoy it. My goal in life is to become a leader; a leader who will not only pave way for kin but a leader who changes the world through inspiration. I believe as an author I can change the world and open new doors for new opportunities. To inspire good will and to reach out to everyone that calls in need is my dream and I wholeheartedly request everyone's help to follow through. I am still an amateur writer in college so I hope my fans can forgive the grammar errors but I assure you the content will satisfy the most adventurous of minds.

Get ready for a psychological paranormal thrill ride! Welcome to...

Its an awesome website for aspiring writers, or simply an awesome indie read :D

I have faith in this anime community, other websites are not so kind.

Most of my writing is based off:

Hunter X Hunter
Studio Ghibli
Kingdom Hearts

Please community I need you help or IDEAS. I love different perspectives. Please make sure to read my message board on my profile for a full-list of updates and inspirations/gratitude.
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24 / M / Illinois
Posted 1/14/15
Dude you can do it. Writing is a rough road but if you have the heart to tread through the millions of crap...(people talking shit, ideas, crappy days, slow days) then you will be a ok.
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22 / F
Posted 1/17/15 , edited 1/20/15
Hello, I'm Monicia. It's really my real name and I am a writer wanted to major in creative writing.

I started working on stories since the third grade and kept on and off from it. Till recently, more like in 2014, I started writing again non stop cause of these police brutality and terrorist attacks. Most genres I written were fan fiction before going original. However, most storiesi ever made were never finish. But my current story would be my goal to finish at least a part. It's not easy to focus on one thing you know.

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32 / M
Posted 2/24/15
Hello my name is Walter Cromartie Jr.

I love writing comics

This will be my first finished of the 6 I have started
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23 / M / Richmond, Indiana
Posted 2/25/15
My name is Ian Niswonger, and I write a multitude of things, though I mainy write poetry and short stories. I have been writing since I was very young, and am looking to further my works.
You can find most of my work here:
and here:
Posted 2/26/15
i go by Mark. i used to write mainly for fun, but now i write mainly to vent about what i'm feeling and so on. i mainly write romance stories, despite it being my least favorite genre and i occasionally write drama. i've tried my hand at sci-fi, horror and have written a few poems. i have also dabbled in erotica.

here is the archive for the majority of everything i've ever written.

all erotic works are tagged as mature, so you can avoid those works.
Sailor Candy Moderator
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Posted 1/5/17
Forum Clean up. Old 2015 threads Locked.
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