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Posted 9/17/14 , edited 9/18/14
Would anyone be interested in participating in writing exercises? If so, how long should the intervals be between them? I think we could have a lot of fun and I'd try to make every one interactive in some way between the writers (I would be taking suggestions, of course).

For Example:


Everyone can probably name a story/show/movie/whatever that involves some kind of ship and her crew. This type of story often guarantees a lot of action with the exploratory nature of a 'ship'. There also can be quite a bit of drama as the crew often tend to bond together as close friends or even a sort of 'family'.

HOW TO PLAY: I'll give the name of a ship and the setting or role: Old-timey pirate, space salvage, friend-, etc. The next poster creates a character based off of this information, giving their role on the ship and a short description. They the suggest a new name and setting. The next person will use the same name/setting I've given, along with assuming the post(s) above them are crew already on the ship. They will also create a crewman and make their suggestions. This should go for AT LEAST three characters. Afterwards, someone can elect to start over, selecting a name and setting from the ones suggested, and creating a character for this new ship.

Ship Name: The Infinite Horizon
Setting: Space exploration as one of the last chances for humanity to find a new home from a dying Earth.

Be sure to let me know if this sounds interesting. If you really want, you can start with the example I gave.
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Posted 9/20/14 , edited 9/21/14
Name: Fiona Williams
Role: Yeoman

Fiona, fresh out of the United Global Space Corps' basic training and education program, has been assigned to complete her first space tour aboard the Infinite Horizon. While she is committed to her crew's mission and conducts her duties faithfully, Fiona can't help but feel a bit bored and disappointed with her conditions. Visions of intrigue, adventure, and excitement around every corner had been implanted in her by the people at the recruitment office, and Fiona had signed the papers believing every promise that her life was about to become a thing of wonder. The reality was not nearly as exhilarating. Fiona spends her days checking to make sure everyone in her office has enough of the various odds and ends they need, typing up memorandums or reports, and coordinating schedules. Brushing a wayward auburn lock from her face and taking a deep sip of her morning tea, she braced herself for another day of vitally important monotony.

Ship Name: Milford
Setting: 18th century privateer vessel seeking prize money by attacking commercial ships in the Indian Ocean.
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