Did anyone go to The Gospel Tour?
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Posted 9/18/14 , edited 12/19/14
So, the tour ended kinda recently. Panic! At The Disco is easily one of my all time favorite bands. The first time I saw them in concert was, in fact, at The Gospel Tour, which was dated on July 18th in Salt Lake City. It was their first date on their tour, too. It was probably one of the best nights of my entire life. It was pretty magical, I would say. I was pretty emotional, too. I was up near barricade with my two best friends, but I had to leave because I get overwhelmed in big crowds. I didn't complain, though; I got right back up there! The crowd was easy to get through, unlike most concerts I attend.

When they performed Bohemian Rhaposy, I thought I would faint because of how happy I was. I grew up with Queen. They even did a cover of a Tenacious D song; not on my date, but I've seen videos of 'em. Can this band get any better?

And Dallon Weekes (the bassist) acknowledge me! I told him I loved him and his beautiful family and he pointed at me and mouthed "I love you, too!" *Swoons*.

So, anyway, before I talk your eyeballs off... Did you attend the Gospel Tour? What was your experience like? As magical as mine?
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Posted 9/22/14
i didn't attend the gospel tour purely for the reason that i'm in the UK and the tour was over in America, but i saw them November of last year at a small venue called The Forum in Camden and they were wonderful! that was the first time i'd seen them live and it was brilliant, similar to you i grew up with P!ATD so it was awesome to finally see them :3 unfortunately we were pretty far back because i had to wait for a friend to arrive who was working before the gig so as far as the gig experience went i simply enjoyed the performance from a distance (not to mention New Politics as the support act were rad!), i usually try and get to the front or middle for gigs because that's generally where the fun is :')
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Posted 9/25/14 , edited 9/25/14
The Gospel Tour was fantastic! I absolutely adored their cover of Bohemian Rhapsody, Brendon just never ceases to amaze me. I'm totally jealous that you got barricade though. I mean I was pretty close in the pit but I showed up kind of late because I lost my ticket. I mean I found it 20 minutes later still laying in the street but it still sucked lol. Also it was Thursday so we got a pretty long Postive Hardcore Thursday. I seriously think Brendon should join a "screamo" band on the side...

Also congrats on Dallon noticing you, that's like unheard of!! I wish I could meet him or something, I totally love Dallon too. He's such a dork but he's so nice. I do miss Ryan and Jon though. (And Spencer omg I hope he's doing well)

I'm surprised your show was that like perfect, though. All 3 times I've seen Panic!, the very young fan girls managed to ruin a lot of it for me. Back in February this one girl was screaming along to Nicotone in my ear. And okay dude I was in the back!!! Alone!! She had plenty of room to scfeam somewhere else. But then again, most young fans just annoy me. Even I wasn't that bad and I've been a fan since I was 10

But anyway, do you think you'd see them again? And how did you like the openers?
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Posted 12/23/15
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