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Running out of anime masterpieces?
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Posted 9/20/14

KingKaio wrote:

This just became yet another Everyone List Their Favorite Anime thread. Was it useful?

I guess.
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Posted 9/20/14

seriously it's surprising how deep in the feels it gets... in fact it's a stupid show don't watch it it might tear your heart out (if it doesn't tear out your lungs from laughing first. lol)

durarara! is awesome, by same writers as Baccano ^^ but has different feel to it..
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Posted 9/20/14

xxJing wrote:

I tend to enjoy those slightly more philosophical animes a lot:

Letter Bee
Sunday Without God
Maou Yuu
Spice and Wolf
Log Horizon
Allison and Lillia

A lot of these shows have many mini-arcs with their own stories that may or may not play into the overall story. It's almost like doing side quests in the Dragon Quest games. Anyway I feel like I am playing a really good JRPG while watching these shows.

No one else on Crunchy has seen it.
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Posted 9/20/14
Shinsekai Yori was something completely different.

It was brilliant.
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Posted 9/20/14
trying to name one others dont talk about very often...

michiko y hatchin: beautifully done and I liked it more than i thought i would

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Posted 9/20/14 , edited 9/20/14
I disagree with OP. Firstly, we are in the summer, so the anime tends to either be less popular filler or newer IPs that haven't had the exposure that manga have. A lot of the anime this summer season are based off of manga that are not finished or have been around for ages but never got a anime adaptation. Unfortunately, for people who live in the west this means incomplete anime and stories (unless the show gets good ratings in japan.)

the biggest difference between anime these days and the anime of the late 90s early 00s is that the anime these days are mostly based off of light novels. I don't think thats a bad thing though, it just means that the format is different. I can think of a few anime this year alone that have met the requirements of masterpiece for me and I don't think that masterpiece anime is any less common now then it used to be.

If you take a look at the up and coming anime for the fall 2014 you will see a bunch that have great potential to be masterpieces, in particular, Fate/stay night finally getting a real anime adaptation, there's a Studio Ghibli entry as well that could be good, the next Trigger anime is coming too (after kill la kill, I have high hopes for this studio) and as long as we have both shaft and Kyoto-ani still making shows, I'm confident that we will continue to see quality work for years to come.

All TV mediums are taking a bit of a hit due to the internet, companies like netflix and Hulu which are making their own shows are starting to dominate the landscape while regular TV channels are suffering for it. Its natural that the Japanese media would also have some of the same problems as other media outlets. Its natural to see budget problems in a landscape like this where the companies making the anime aren't sure if they will be able to find some one to produce and distribute their product.

At the same time, i think websites like Crunchyroll and even funimation are going to be the real saving grace for anime in terms of the money stream because where as Japanese anime used to be very much just a Japanese medium that had some support from other countries, it is now a international medium that can easily be accessed by many different people of many different audiences. I think that in a few years when the storys and companies start to see this more and more the actual quality of the anime will start to increase as well.

Just a few good shows off the top of my head since everyone else is listing them:

Clannad+after story
Monogatari - nisemonogatari
mahou shoujo madoka magica + rebellion story
Cowboy bebop
Gurren Lagann
Kill la Kill
Kara no Kyoukai
etc etc etc.
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Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/21/14

marlfox570 wrote:

So I can only assume that there are many of you out there that are veterans of the anime world and have been longing for another Masterpiece to delve into? im looking for any anime that really really meant something to you, and is high class, but maybe its not as well known?

A show that means something to me? Something rather different and explorative and perhaps a smigit of fun? I've been there.

So when you day the phrase "a show that really ment something to you" I have to think about it.

And now, a day later, I provide an answer.

If you haven't seen it, Martian Successor Nadesico!

The show itself is the 90's Gurren Lagann, airing in 96 and I swear makes endless fun of both Mecha and Anime in general.
The hero, Akito, is so Shinji its funny. The English dub actually uses the same Voice Actor and his character I'd introduced with a speech about how he knows "its wrong to run away, but fuck you I'm running away, this shit ain't worth life, let alone minimum wage "

The show... Its so parody the English dub feels like its own Abridged series, voiced by actual voice actors. I hear its the same in Japanese so the translation is rather fun!

The plot is quite silly, Aliens from Jupiter are attacking and destroying Earth, so the military is fighting them off. A company funds a super battle ship, then hires a huge Otaku crew and tries to go all Captain America on us and save civilians with a civilian crew!

End result? A Gunpla enthusiast, Voice Actress, retired General, Sexy secretary, ditsy girl(the captain), Straight Super Robot Genre Otaku, Cowardly cook hero and a buncha others ride a space ship to Mars. Hilarity ensues.

This show is quite fun, and I highly enjoyed it. Its exactly what I want to see in my Anime, and I think everyone here will get something out of it.

You can watch it on Hulu+ OR the show is officially on YouTube, have a link.
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26 / M / Washington
Posted 9/21/14
Here's the masterpieces that I've found so far. And a lot of other anime are close so I've provided the link to my list instead of posting all of them.
I'm not running out of them though, there's thousands of anime out there I have yet to watch and hundreds new coming out each year.

One Piece
Hajime no Ippo
One Piece: Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima
Nodame Cantabile
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Tsumiki no Ie
Nodame Cantabile Finale
Cross Game
Korekuraide Utau
Shirokuma Cafe
Tokyo Disney Resort: Yume ga Kanau Basho
One Piece: Episode of Nami - Koukaishi no Namida to Nakama no Kizuna
Dance, Dance, Dance
Ping Pong The Animation
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M / England
Posted 9/21/14
Anything by Key seems to be top notch.
Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/21/14
If I had to be honest with my use of the label "masterpiece."

Millennium Actress and 5 Centimeters Per Second would be my go to things [movies]. Both directors usually have amazing works.

If I had to be more liberal with the use of "masterpiece" (sometimes for a genre standard) then I'd throw in the following.


Perfect Blue
Shin Sekai Yori

Nothing really sizes up to those 5, for me. I may have favorites that aren't "masterpieces," but if I tried to keep a large sense of bias out of my answer - I'd go with those 5. (Note, this post does have a few of my favorites, but yeah - sorry ef/Kimi ga Nozomu Eien/Steins;Gate!!!)
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Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/21/14

sunrisefate wrote:

trying to name one others dont talk about very often...

michiko y hatchin: beautifully done and I liked it more than i thought i would

Wow completely forgot about this one. I remember a friend and I thought it was going to be the next big thing (probably because Shinichiro Watanabe was attached). Only saw the first episode and never got back to it. Did this ever gain any visibility among the anime fandom? Or did it just pass by unnoticed by most? Main character had a cool look and attitude, very interesting.


Anyway, I would have to say Ping Pong is the closest thing I've seen to a masterpiece in the last few years. Not a bit of fat on it, insightful and clear characterization, novelistic writing, perfectly paced. You could say that the drawing is not masterful, but isn't the manga to "blame" for that? I surely don't think a typical anime look would have served the story better.

I'd have to re-watch it in order to offer deeper critical analysis and more firmly justify the status I've given it, but the show just feels right, like a perfectly balanced blade. There may be other recent shows equal to it on many levels, but most shows seem to have the fatal flaw, imo, of having more episodes than suits the content, leading to bloat, tedium, and filler, making them a chore to get through.
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Posted 9/21/14

marlfox570 wrote:

So I can only assume that there are many of you out there that are veterans of the anime world and have been longing for another Masterpiece to delve into? yknow, shows like cowboy bebop, ghost in the shell, death note, samurai champloo, baccano, clannad, here and there now and then, and all that jazz! now i know everyone has their own favorites, but when you think youve seen everything, we tend to be content with the basic plots and the average thrill. im looking for any anime that really really meant something to you, and is high class, but maybe its not as well known? old shows new shows who cares! tis not a debate just help some fellow anime fans in their quest to watch them all!

Crest / Banner of the Stars
Koi Kaze
Infinite Ryvius
Ghost Hunt
Rurouni Kenshin TV (Skip the fillers)
Maison Ikkoku
Lupin the Third Series 1
Please Teacher

With the exception of Ghost Hunt those series are all 10 years old or more. Lupin I believe was 70's and Maison Ikkoku was 1980's. Different art styles, different story types, and different animation methods.

The last "masterpiece" I've watched is Clannad. Personally haven't found anything remotely close since then. That order was delivered to my door over 5 and a half years ago.
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Posted 9/23/14 , edited 9/23/14
It's even harder for anime to be a masterpiece, nowadays. Fanservice has been ruining my love for anime the past 4 years and at some point later on there'll be zero new anime for me to watch. I'll usually stick to older/classic anime, thank you very much.
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Posted 9/23/14
This is just my own list but these are great anime that are not Big like DBZ and Naruto. Hope you will find some of these to your liking. There are a lot more out there but I don't want to put out a list of 500 anime :D

Karas - Great example of how to make CG and anime mix well

FF7 Advent Children - I know its all CG but man it is so pretty

No Game No Life, Beyond the Boundary - Both could had been turn into simple comedies but turns out to be much more

Silver Spoon, Non Non Biyori - Great slice of life shows with heart

Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex - Great character and action

Rahxephon, Soul Taker, Betterman - Wonderful hidden gems of anime

Macross the movie, Hellsing Ultimate, FMA Brotherhood, Giant Robo: The day the Earth Stood Still - How to do remake right!

Gatchaman Crowds - Goes from WTH are they doing to my childhood memory to Whoa this is great!

Justice League Unlimited, Samurai Jack, Teen Titans - USA can have good animation if the studio is good

FLCL, Durarara, Last Exile - Different but good

Log Horizon, Aldnoah.Zero, Kill La Kill, The Irregular at Magic High School, Yowapeda, Outbreak Company, Senyu, Servant X Service, Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet, Haikyu! - Good ones from 2013/2014
Posted 9/24/14
After Gurren Lagann, we are shit out of luck.
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