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Running out of anime masterpieces?
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Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/24/14
The last anime I regarded as a masterpiece was Steins;Gate, and that was made in 2011, so I wouldn't be surprised if another masterpiece comes along.
I would have 6 then: FMA, One Piece, Rurouni Kenshin, Code Geass and Steins;Gate.
Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/24/14
A masterpiece....I rarely call anime like this...but the ones I think of as masterpieces are: Berserk, Monster, Major, Fantastic children, Terra E.....basically, all my favorites

Rurouni Kenshin the first movie is a masterpiece and so is Cowboy Bebop (the movie and anime), Peace Maker Kurogane, Fruits Basket, Last Exile.

I also loved this anime I watched a long time ago and I forgot the name of it!!! >_< if anyone remembers...please tell me. It was about 2 childhood friends who become enemies when they get older. I think the mafia is included and in the end, one of the guys (the good one...I called him the "mute" because he rarely spoke) stays with the daughter of the woman he was in love with because she sacrifices herself to protect her daughter . The ending was sad but it was an enjoyable anime.

Ok, I remember now!! GUNGRAVE!!
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Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/24/14
Well, It's all an opinion. What might be a masterpiece to you, might be garbage to another, and vice versa.

Here are my favorite anime, aka masterpieces

No order:

5 Centimeters Per Second
The Garden of Words
Angel Beats
Evangelion 2.22
Kids On The Slope
Spice and Wolf (specially season 2)
Hunter x Hunter 2011
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Posted 9/24/14 , edited 9/24/14
The only anime I'll ever acknowledge as a masterpiece is Hunter x Hunter (2011)
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Posted 12/27/15 , edited 12/28/15
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