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Cliche vs Unique
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/22/14

PeripheralVisionary wrote:
Yeah, I am 100% sure Miura doesn't know how to end this. I don't personally see Guts living through this in most scenarios.

Berserk premiered in 1990 and its 3rd chapter, which segmented into the Anime and Movies for the 4th-11th, contained a short arc where Guts manages to meet Femto, before we ever meet Griffith, and see him fail his quest of vengeance.

I'm sure that 24 years has given the creator some type of solid ending. I mean, he has been writing the damn thing longer than you or I have been alive, and additionally he has other works that people will hire him for. He's not some low-class name that barely gets by on each chapter of their only semi popular work. He can indeed create new IP. The last years hiatus was him working on something else.

The fact that you don't see Guts winning out is what good writing should feel like. Guts is facing adversary! Unlike the latest SAO or Irregular at Magic Hogh school episodes, I don't have a fucking clue how or if Guts will make it.

This does not mean it can't be done.
It means that the current villain is beyond our hero and that further growth of character is required to press on.
Hell, the last few years worth of Arcs has been about Guts working to save Caska. THAT is a pressing concern inches away from its conclusion.
That is what's important, no physical training or weapon searching, just a quest to restore something he lost.

A positive ending is totally possible, but you should trust the author to give a good one regardless.
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/22/14

AzazelOfNexium wrote:

I love shows that make me feel sadness, happiness and give me an adrenaline rush during certain scenes.

I wonder if this guy ever watched DBZ..
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Posted 9/22/14 , edited 9/22/14

Yes and DBZ was good when i was 6 and when i re-watched it i realized how shitty it was.

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Posted 6/9/15 , edited 6/9/15
Lately from what I've seen the anime community seems to now misinterpret being a male character as generic and cliche because he's male, and being a female character is unique and we'll written because she's female.

Female worshippers tend to be like this.

Male character rating scale.

Worst male: MC. Hetero hatem, gets into straight relationship. Worth more if he dies.

Second worst: First minus the harem. If he dies, he's better because he's dead.

Better male: Butt monkey type male. Also MC.

Best male character: Butt monkey who dies protecting lesbian couple whilst saying how he has no interest in his life or goals and only cares about supporting gay couples.

Basically to this growing group in the community, the only good male is a dead one. Because they're as pigish and dark as they think males are.

Worst female: Hetero brainwashed girl. Still great character because she has a vagina.

Second worst: Girl who likes other girls but gets with a guy.

Better female: Super gay and super strong.

Best female: Super gay and either actively seeks to beat up males or the villains are all male.
Otter Modder
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Posted 1/26/17 , edited 1/27/17
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