Posted 9/20/14
"Moshi moshi, this is the largest film studio in the world calling. You've been chosen. Yes, you there. To make a movie. Motion picture. Full length, unlimited budget, hell kid you even get a rider!

What's the movie about you ask? Well, only the hottest trend in all of cinema right now! The person above you. All you gotta do is tell us the title and the plot, who's in it too, and we'll do the rest. All you gotta worry about is which supermodel you're gonna bag that night, capsice."


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Posted 7/7/15
Okay. Hopefully this is what you are asking.

Title: Oh Baby!
Plot: Sex, drugs, cursing, and drag racing.
Starring: Eddie Murphy as the joker; Jiraya as Dr. Love; Nara, Shikamaru as the Linguist, and introducing Takumi Fujiwara as the racer.
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Posted 2/3/16
OP Nuked.
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