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Posted 9/20/14
I can't stand the way a great anime like this has to end so badly.
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22 / M / The Heroes Associ...
Posted 9/20/14
crappy ending? what the fuck are you talking about.

That was a brilliant ending. Very well done and was a great way to leave the audience on the edge of their seat for season 2

Not everything needs to be butterflies and rainbows like the rest of the stagnant garbage in the anime industry.

A dark and foreboding ending is always a welcome one since its almost never done.

Did you expect every one to shake hands and hug or something?

Its not like the martians just committed mass genocide pushing the terrans to the brink of annihilation or anything.
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22 / M / The Bebop
Posted 9/20/14 , edited 9/20/14
I though the ending was very well done.Not every ending is going to be a happy one.The show doesn't exactly give off a happy-go-lucky aurora.
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Posted 9/28/14
The episode does feel a little rushed compare to the rest of the season but I think the show end as it should at this point.

For the ending itself
For myself it is the natural progression of this story and character at that point.

So unless the studio mess it up when the anime pick up again, I am totally good with it.

Now I don't mind that someone think this ending is crappy but what is the reason behind your thinking?

Well that's my 2 cents.
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