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Posted 9/21/14 , edited 9/24/14
Special Update - Announcing The World R:2.5!

Gigantic news out of CC Corporation Integrians! It looks like "The World" is coming back after all!

It was just a few days ago CC Corporation held a news conference about what happened with "The World" R:2, letting us know that indeed it was a technical malfunction that lead to the demise of our beloved online sanctuary. In fact you can still find the report on the News Capture feed here if you're interested in the scoop. It was a sad day indeed though, and it looked as if The World truly wasn't going to be back anytime soon. However, recently we received a very interesting email from CC Corporation. It seems as if their little project that they affectionately had named "The Twilight" wasn't just smoke and mirrors after all. From what we got out of it not only will The World be back, they are making an entirely new revision! Here, check out the email we received from them:

Sender: CC Corporation
Subject: Announcing The World R:2.5!

Dear Patron of The World,

It was Shigeru Miyamoto who said that "Players are artists who create their own reality within the game." We took this quote to heart when creating "The World". When we heard of the terrible news that "The World", the canvas of which our players paint a picture of their perfect reality, had been stolen away from them we were shocked. We wanted to know how something like this could have happened of course, but more than that we wanted to know how we here at CC Corporation could fix this, and possibly even build from this tragic incident? So we began to think, to design, to work in the scope of an artists mind, and of our players minds, to create something magnificent. Something that you as patrons of " The World" could appreciate playing, and having as your vision of your perfect reality as much as we humbly appreciated to create such a medium for those dreams to be explored.

Collin Powell once said that "A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." As we looked forward to what the future held for "The World" and it's players we kept this quote in our minds and hearts. We took it to its purest, most basic meaning in creating our newest masterpiece, our newest canvas for our players to work with. We poured our hearts and souls into it, and finally after so long are proud to announce to you all that it has paid off wonderfully.

With out further adieu, we would like to officially announce the upcoming release of The World R:2.5, the next chapter of the popular online video game "The World".

It is our honor as well as our privilege to invite you all to join us [one month] from now in the center of the Root Town, Mac Anu, for a special release day celebration. So lets commemorate "The World", our canvas in which we paint our reality, and celebrate its return in the best way that we know how to. Lets take back our twilight dream.

Needless to say at Integrability we are incredibly excited about this turn of events. CC Corporation once again has sprung from the ashes of defeat and out done themselves. Given the context of the announcement, we can't be entirely certain, but we imagine that we may hear more about this turn of events soon enough. So stick around and join us as we watch to see what exactly CC Corporation has in store for the newest revision of "The World"!

**NOTE: This is announcement is solely meant as an announcement for the upcoming "The World R:2.5" roleplay on Integrability ( It is in no way an official game release, or otherwise from CyberConnect2 or its subsidiaries. We apologize if this has caused any confusion, but still would like to invite you all to join us [one month] from now as we delve into the mysteries of this new and exciting .hack inspired roleplay. Thank you all for your continued support!
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