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❉ M A C H I N E | Types ❉

Type 01: Blue Flames
Blue flames are often used as DEFENSE.
Skills: Flame Barrier: Protects you/others from getting hurt. It can last long, depending on your mana
Flame Antidote: Cures all poisons
Flame Healer: Heals injuries
Flame Combat: This one can take up a lot of mana, since it's the only "COMBAT" one. It can upgrade yours/others physical features. (Such as: speed, power, etc.)

Type 02: Red Flames
Red flames are often used as COMBAT.
Flame Attack: The more mana you have, the stronger the attack.
Flame Combination: You combine your weapon weapon with flames to make your weapon stronger.
Flame Multiplication: You can increase the amount of flames to surprise your opponent.

Type 03: Purple Flames
Purple flames are often used from TRICKERY.
Flame Illusions: You can change your scenery~
Flame Mimic: Using flames to envelope you, you can mimic anyone's voice, face and even magic. Although it's an ILLUSION.
Flame Reading: You can use flames and look at someone mind.
Flame Multiplicator: Multiplies the amount to people/ weapons you have.
Flame of DEATH: Using AMAZING illusions, you can end someone's life. BUT, this will take up all your mana, leaving you vulnerable.
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