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Posted 9/23/14 , edited 10/8/14
by SlayerNatsu

As most writers, I like to do a little bit of research before I watch a new series. In researching INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!?, I quickly discovered two things: the anime series is based on a series of Japanese “light novels” of the same name, and the series falls under the loosely-defined “harem” genre, in which the main character is surrounded by several members of the opposite sex, often (but not always) in a romantic context. In other words, you're going to get big boobs, little lolis, and one oblivious dude.

The main character in Invaders is Kotarou Satomi, a teenage boy who moved into a room at the Corona House apartment complex, where his rent is only 5000 yen a month (which appeals to him because he is trying to save the money that his father, who is away on business, has left him). In the first episode of the series, Kotaro discovers that his room (Room 106) is not his alone- it is inhabited by several girls who all claim ownership over the room for various reasons: A ghost, Sanae, who has always lived there; a “magical girl,” Yurika, a descendent of the Earth People named Kiriha, and alien princess named Theia, and her servant, Ruth.

The struggle over possession of Room 106 becomes the backdrop for events in subsequent episodes. There are other female characters involved besides the invaders, including Shizuka, who is Kotarou’s landlady, but also a classmate, and Harumi, who is an upperclassman and the only other member of Kotarou’s club, The Knitting Society. The only other recurring male character is Kotarou’s friend, Makkenji, who is a typical ladies man, as opposed to Kotarou, who doesn’t seem to know what to do with so many girls around him.

This series is very cute and endearing, although some of the characters can get annoying at times (particularly Yurika, who is often portrayed as whiny and overly cutesy). There are several running jokes that continue across different episodes, such as Kotarou being convinced that Yurika is a cosplayer and not a real magical girl. There is also a good deal of fan service; there are a lot of jokes about the female characters’ breasts, and Kiriha, who is the most well-endowed of all of the girls, frequently uses her breasts to try to influence Kotarou. Overall, the show is fun and enjoyable. There is not a lot of emotional depth, but it is entertaining, visually appealing, and the music is very catchy! Definitely keep INVADERS of the ROKUJYOMA!? in your Crunchyroll Queue for some light hearted fun!

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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 10/1/14
I'm wondering if it was decided inappropriate to make a note that they're in a collab with CyberStep and that at least the girls are also in the game Cosmic Break as playable characters.
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Posted 10/2/14 , edited 10/3/14
I just finished this series, and it is good, light hearted entertainment. There also seems to be enough plot points introduced to hint at material for a possible second season, as well as Kotarou having previously met Kiriha when she was younger, and him actually being the Blue Knight (spoiler alert). All and all, it's a series worth checking out. I'm actually hoping for more at least in the form of OVAs and specials
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Posted 5/1/16 , edited 5/2/16
I loved it. I am trying to find out if a second series is planned. Does anyone know if the light novels got translated into English and brought over here to the US yet?
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Posted 9/1/16 , edited 9/1/16
does anyone know which volume of the LN to start reading from? im guessing its either 7 or 8.(is 7.5 worth?)

from the images i've seen online it seems vol. 7 is from the final episode, but since they made only 1 ep for a whole volume i dont know whether they left many important things out.
since im ordering from japan i dont want to make any mistakes. I guess ill have to buy the first volumes sometime to see if anything important was left out but that comes later.

jedavi01, sadly i dont think this was popular enough for a second season, but nobody knows. As for the novels im not sure, but i dont think you can find them in english legally.
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Posted 9/16/16 , edited 9/16/16
This series kinda of makes me depressed
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Posted 9/16/16 , edited 9/17/16
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Posted 8/14/17 , edited 8/14/17
At one point, the light novels were available on fan translation sites, but they've been picked up by j-novel club, and have been taken down. I'm not sure of how many are available legitimately at this time.
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