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Posted 9/23/14 , edited 10/8/14
by cardboard_shark

Watching the simulcast of your favorite series is awesome… for exactly one day a week. The other six days are filled with torment and suspense as you wonder what will happen in the next episode. There are always going to be times when anime fans need just one more show to keep their minds occupied, something to satisfy that constant simulcast craving. For fans of fantasy action or harem comedies, Bladedance of Elementalers makes a good “Just One More” show. It hits all the notes you’d expect from the genre and helps ease the wait between new episodes of A-list shows like Sword Art Online.

Bladedance of Elementalers starts off with a pretty familiar premise: an unusual new student transfers into a high school for magic users. In this case, our hero Kazehaya is unique in that he’s a guy. Only women can normally form a contract with a spirit familiar, so a male elementaler is as unusual as a basketball-playing dog. Naturally, his presence wreaks a significant amount of havoc amongst the student body.

So, yes, there are times when the series runs through a standard repertoire of harem comedy jokes. Most of the female characters have a crush on Kazehaya to one extent or another, and most of them are pretty clumsy when it comes to dealing with those feelings. The comedic results can be a bit mixed, but there are some legitimately funny moments. Even a jaded veteran like myself couldn’t help laughing at some of the cast’s more over-the-top antics.

At its heart, though, Bladedance of Elementalers is a fantasy action show. Spells are cast, monsters are summoned, and beatdowns of varying severity are administered to the villains. Kazehaya slowly builds a group of allies, and they end up being quite the powerful team whenever they manage to stop arguing and work together. The battle scenes don’t have the lofty production values of other shows, but they still get the job done. The spirits that the characters summon have some interesting abilities, though the best is a fiery cat named Scarlet. Who needs a stove to cook dinner when your familiar’s tail is perpetually on fire?

Admittedly, this series takes a while to distinguish itself, but it picks up the pace in later episodes. The characters become more likable as they get a chance to grow into their personalities and move away from the basic genre tropes. Short-tempered heroine Claire eventually starts showing some leadership potential, and several of the girls have surprisingly deep backstories.

I don’t expect Bladedance of Elementalers to become anyone’s favorite series, but it makes for a solid weekly dose of magical butt-kicking. If you need more fantasy action in your life, go for it. It’ll certainly fit the bill.
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