Cardfight!! Vanguard TCG Advice. Need color opinions!
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Posted 9/25/14 , edited 9/25/14
Hey everyone. I decided I want to collect some cards recently and after considering all the available choices I have decided on Cardfight!! Vanguard for a few reasons. One, I think the card art is very nice for almost every card in every set. Two, they have people on them instead of monsters which I am bored of collecting. Three, there is a well established anime I now also get to watch!

Anyways, the dilemma is now this... Storage options:

9 pocket black Monster binder with black pages
9 pocket black Monster binder with white pages

Next, depending on which binder page color, I now have to decide between:

White backed card sleeves
Black backed card sleeves
Clear card sleeves

What do you think will look the best overall? Anyone actually have any of these combinations? If so post a pic please.

If it helps, I am actually only planning on collecting the extra booster Diva sets, at least to start with. Lastly, is the game actually any fun? I have played MTG, Pokemon, Magi Nation, DBZ and a tiny bit of Yugioh
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