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Iphone 6 Wave Hoax
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Posted 3/7/15 , edited 3/7/15

PeripheralVisionary wrote:

Scooty-Bby wrote:

So what? We need to get rid of the dumbest of us anyway for the sake of the planet.
So if they do something dumb enough to kill themselves, then bonus

I thought we were out of the dark ages where one need not be intelligent to survive. While I do think the mentally handicapped are a waste of money, I do not miss the days where nations left them out to die.

How cold hearted can you be?

As cold hearted as you calling them a "waste of money".
How can you even question that other person when you
yourself hold views such as this? Just doesn't make any
sense. If you where more logical, to fit what you said they
are, you should be siding with Scooty-Bby. But you go on
to try to hold some weird middle ground
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Posted 3/7/15 , edited 3/7/15

saksiss wrote:

We need to be rid of those who are stupid enough to do this.

Genocide is generally frowned on. You wouldn't get away with it. But I feel for ya....

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