Cosplay Cleanup
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Posted 9/26/14 , edited 9/26/14
So, as we all know, cosplay is a ton of fun, a lot of work.. and pretty exhausting and sweaty.

Which means, when you're done with your costume, it's time for cleanup! This thread is to share your tips and tricks for cleaning your cosplay and your self, either at the end of the day or when you're getting ready for your next set. Feel free to share tips you've heard about / read about / saw on YouTube, as well as things that you've found useful personally.

Sometimes the sewing on cosplay outfits isn't.. the best.. or the outfit is just too delicate to toss in the washing machine when you get home. Or you might even want to wear it again the next day, but want to freshen it up a bit first. And a lot of cosplay props are fairly fragile, or their paint might get removed by harsh cleaners, so cleaning tips on those are also welcome!


Personally, I always hang my clothing out to dry first thing, while I rehydrate and take a shower. Make-up remover is a must in your cosplay kit if you plan on wearing any, especially if it's grease based. Keep the clothing on hangers, separated, and as un-folded as possible so areas won't stay damp and possibly grow mold when your back is turned. An anti-bacterial and disinfectant spray would probably be a good idea here as well, but be sure that the spray itself won't damage/discolor your cloth before going to the con with it.

For props and other hard items, while at the con I'll usually wipe them down, then wash with a mild soap if I can. That should remove any dust, sweat, and grime, but hopefully won't impact the prop itself. For anything that uses thermoplastics (Friendly Plastic, worbla, etc), make sure that they haven't warped while you were wearing them. Heat shaped them, so more heat, even body heat, can re-shape them. If they appear to be skewed, try holding them gently in the proper shape with books, luggage, or other items if you can, but beware of the texture from the luggage or other weight transferring into your paint.

So what do you do? Any suggestions you wish you would've had before you had to retire a cosplay because of dirt and grime? Ways you know of to improve the cosplay before it goes to be laundered, or even worn? Great professional services you love? Share 'em all, let's learn together!
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