Crunchyroll Unofficial Playlist
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Simple. We'll compile as many songs as humanly possible, all for this ( un)official Crunchyroll playlist. Every song you post will actually be compiled into a Youtube playlist, and it will be named...wait for it...The Crunchyroll Unoffical Playlist.

This is not like the "Rate What The Person...." or "Currently Listening To" thread. You're not rating anything, nor does it have to be what you're listening to right this very second. It's any song you want to be included in the Crunchyroll (un)Official Playlist, which means any genre, year, musician, whatever you want. You can post multiple songs, but you obviously let a few people post before you go again, onegaishimasu.

I'm all for shenanigans, but let's try and keep this at least somewhat serious.

How to post.

--Number-- Band/group -- Song name - link

I solemnly swear I will actually create the playlist, and you will be able to listen to it. I guarantee it.

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1. Boyce Avenue - Mirrors
2. Boyce Avenue - All of Me
3. John Legend - All of Me
4. Maroon 5 - Maps
5. Ariana Grande - Problem
6. Ariana Grande - Break Free
7. Austin Mahone - Shadow
8. Hunter Hayes - Invisible
9. Against The Current - Counting Stars
10. Taylor Swift - All Too Well
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M / Baka Zone
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1.) Fate/Stay Night Visual Novel - Emiya -
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