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Posted 9/28/14 , edited 9/28/14
This is a rap but only managed verse 1 done so far
Will write more once more of the anime is out enjoy

anoyed and raged, like luffy engaged to fight
insight - zoro -santoryou nine swords of light
you get played like the strings of brooks violin
i bring Shiki the Golden Lion and his fortress of floating hidden islands
I'l time freeze, kuzan
Enel - I'm lightning
excel like Nami after Usopp put her Dials in
the kings Haki - pacifista
tri kuja serpents Amazon Lilly snake sisters
sissors slicing as I cut up scenes like Inazuma
pawpad the tyrant bartholomew - kuma (Shichibukai )
I phase teleport like Kizaru
Aces fury Molten decimation destruction Akaiinu
I"saw tooth" with Arlong, turn diamonds arm strong
gear second - haki - molecules to carbon
hypnotised by the hypnotist, Ko'd like Jango
Wano - Kin'emon lives by the sword of bushido
watch me turn ape - gorilla like Cricket
I'l hold my breath longer, even Jimbei has a limit
power delivers serges sends luffy fists by the thousands
escape navy ships, Garp throws cannon balls like mountains

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