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FFXIII: Lightning Returns
Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14
Personally, I hated it (I thought it felt like it was rushed , and the time limit ?! I loved FFXIII-2 . But... what do you think?

The text I edited out can be found here:

There you will see a more in-depth critique of Lightning Returns, with pics and whatnot.
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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14
I was about to write a long reply for your post before you editted which caused some bug that logged me out and deleted everything.
I presume you decided to cater towards the kids suffering from an attention disorder on this website, because I actually thought it was well written. A shame, but nontheless, I agree.

Square Enix are a bunch of disgraceful honorless muppets.
This sequel to another sequel of an already frowned upon franchise, was no short of lazy and boring.
I have played 2 hours of it, and I cannot get myself to play it anymore.
It sickens me to see my most favorite game series become that of a generic spawn procreator.

Hopefully Final Fantasy XV will make up for this. I am hoping it will be something along the lines of a Kingdom Hearts game set in an original FF universe with its own style.
If not, well fuck it then, because the FF brand has been soiled anyway.

Posted 9/29/14
So, I played XIII and I liked it for what it was. I enjoyed it and liked the characters and what universe there was. But I wish it just finished after XIII! I couldn't really get behind FFXIII-2...though I did like it for the most part. Probably fair to say it was more fun. As for lightning returns, I ended up watching a walkthrough (which will never be quite the same as playing, I know) but as a lover of the first, it's obvious people like myself were tired of the XIII series. Seemed like a cool concept with the time limit but I think it didn't really belong. The ending is kinda cool? Just got far too stretched out as a series and became one big hot mess
Posted 9/29/14
Personally The final fantasy XIII series is a very fine art for it new approach and style.
But my favorite was FFXIII. Instead of sequels... Each FFXIII title feels almost like a new final fantasy with 13's motifs.
But overall lightning returns is kind of like Dirge of Cerberus, it is a sequel but not the same genre of game exactly.
Anyway most, Norse based mythology RPGs seem to always get overstreched, Valkyrie profile two feels oddly similar in atmosphere in some ways. One thing is the Music always interesting and quality. I remember agito was the FFXIII 3rd sequel, but I think square bit off too much, so they had to focus more... would it be funny if it becomes like Onimusha? make one more game for FFXIII, dawn of dreams was better that Onimusha 3 I think. I think the first XIII was a masterpiece, and yes, there is the boss in the springs that was not was not made to fight, for some reason, and part linear and non-linear game play, but it was very beautiful. Of course nothing like my favorite FF9, but ever final fantasy are their own game and such, and all ff sequels can never capture the first game. Just look at FF4-2, 12-2, X-2,
Oh and btw, FF7 has so many sequels, it is like it never ends lol (of course you know.
IF SE every make a remake again why not remake Romancing Saga 3,
ok back to the topic, to be I consider FFXIII2 the peak and the final entry,
just LR is an experiment and way to squeeze in some of the world they lleft out.
Something is beautiful about LR and the sametime LR is sad, because, it is a way to end the series,
SO technically, there is 5 Project XIII games...because of all the sequels, and with Final fantasy XV and new director,
has took over, while the the other goes work on kingdom hearts. FFXV looks better graphics than Advent Children, how good the endering is. But stylle I feel some will dislike it, because it is a new experiment too, KH+FF13+FF12+FF7+dirge of Cerberus haha... so just have to wait and see. With al this said, why not make TE or SE, haha Tidus returns, and Squall Returns, (p.s. no more tidus please haha)
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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14

HaruyamaYuuki wrote:

Norse based mythology RPGs seem to always get overstreched,

Sorry what? Norse based ?
How exactly is it Norse based?

I get Odin and Valhalla and all that crap, but it has absolutely nothing to do with norse mythology besides the names lol.

Also, you probably know of this already, so don't misunderstand me not trying to lecture you here, but Final Fantasy has always used names from all sorts of mythological characters, creatures, gods etc.

Practically all of the summons ever made have their names taken directly from these characters.
That doesn't make them hindu, shinto, norse etc inspired games haha.

Posted 9/29/14
Each final fantasy entry has one or two major spiritual, religious, and mythological themes.
I played, analyzed, went deep in the concept and ideology of each game before, there was many speculations and known fact upon it.
Final Fantasy II, is christian, Judea based... every entry uses about 3 major concepts that is unique, FF8 is a based on Wiccan,and Islam, etc... in very final fantasy the motifs, are from various cultures or mythologies... FFXII was based off of norse, Catholic, and some tribal myths too... just research l'cie, and everything and see what dysley is...based off of...
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Posted 9/29/14
Gah I need to finish FFXIII Lightning Returns
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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14
I actually liked this the best in the series and I don't know why. Yes the time limit thing was an annoyance, and I wouldn't consider it a great game overall, or final fantasy-worthy entry, but as for the series as a whole, I liked it better. I think I felt like I had actual freedom and didn't feel like I was suffocated in a linear story. In final fantasy XIII, I felt like it was a pretty graphical dungeon crawler, and it exhausted me to bits when I barely got treats from exploring a nice city for a break or participate in mini games.

For Final Fantasy XIII-2, I just didn't like the characters at all. And the towns were kind of crummy. I also found a lot of the recruitable monsters I had were weak, and easily disposed of. I just felt like the adventure was very awkward with my two characters, and I wasn't impressed with how much recycled material was from Final Fantasy XIII (monsters, and environments, and music).

For Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning returns. I liked the customization and the outfits. I felt like I was a true magical girl, and as dorky as that sounds -- was a bit fun and refreshing. I liked how there were loads of people and quests to do, and felt a bit like Skyrim. The environments, and gothic art style was a nice welcoming change. And it was nice how each character had their own big quest, and I got to team up with some of them. granted at this point I never completed this game so I don't know how the overall story finishes. Lastly, I am happy Hope was a support role, and he seemed less emotional and whiny.

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Posted 9/29/14
I enjoyed Lightning Returns. No where near as much as FFXIII-2, but still definitely was worth playing. I loved the ending, the battle system, and the nostalgia factor that it brought with seeing old characters again.The time system was hard to get used to, but I had no problem with it by the third day when I'd figured out how to gain CP easily and just stop time constantly throughout the day. Felt like a good ending to the trilogy.
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Posted 9/29/14

HaruyamaYuuki wrote:

Each final fantasy entry has one or two major spiritual, religious, and mythological themes.
I played, analyzed, went deep in the concept and ideology of each game before, there was many speculations and known fact upon it.
Final Fantasy II, is christian, Judea based... every entry uses about 3 major concepts that is unique, FF8 is a based on Wiccan,and Islam, etc... in very final fantasy the motifs, are from various cultures or mythologies... FFXII was based off of norse, Catholic, and some tribal myths too... just research l'cie, and everything and see what dysley is...based off of...

I'm gonna go ahead and be a good sport about it and say that I disagree.

Just because the games borrow from real world culture and mythology does not make it a full-on rendition of said culture and/or religion in any inspired way at all.

Again as I already mentioned, the creators of each instalment has always made tradition of borrowing heavily from all sorts of real world culture, and it has become a sort of halmark for the series ever since.
It probably started with the summons and took off from there.

Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14

The topic of this thread is about (The 3rd installment of FFXII)

Sure you can disagree, it does not offend no one and it is a free thinking world we live in.
Opinion versus fact cannot change some facts.

Also I said that Norse mythology based games are over-stretched; thus, it means that
the Norse mythological motifs are so intricate, and non-cannon in each sole respective represent,
that it takes more material and plot, to span than the average cultural cannons.

I have some questions for you.

1: Why was FFII saving portals removed from the US version?
2: Which Final fantasy Atlantis and kabbalah theology?
3: What is light farron in FFXII-2?
4: Which Final Fantasy directly deals with witch craft and Solomon?
5:Which FF game is based mostly on greek ethos?
6: which final fantasy has the most hindu reference?

For any of those that played FF7, and say that it's 3 major themes are not based of a theology or mythology of some type must of missed the point,

7: What final fantasy has native american culture influence...

another thing I like to mention, lets say we talk Mongolia culture, Chinese mythology, and a western theology, make new cast of characters, bring in some old eidolons and some new culturally derived ones, a new battle system, top notch music, a final boss with 3 modes, reoccurring final fantasy motifs... and a fantasy novel with an Alfred Hitchcock twist, etc... we got a whole new final fantasy.

All games borrow from some know ethos, myth, or belief system. Final fantasy though is well known for it's themes.

now, to jump a topic to put emphasis on my statement...

Most western people grow up with Mighty morphin power rangers, yes the show was cheesy a unique at the time.
But many of that generation grow up to say, "yes that is the original power rangers".
People just swoon over tommy as the green and white ranger, If I was a girl maybe I would too haha.
but my point is, the west get so much pseudo ethos eps from Japan.
Many call might morphin Power rangers, their childhood action time show...

The truth is, MMPR is a diced up show, with japanese cut scenes mixed with filming of young American actors in america in angel grove
You will not believe how many people still think this show is the real things.

Power rangers is really a show call (Sentai) ... I mean go look at (Sentai Googgle V) that is what it is really.
Actually MMPR is just (Dino Sentai), so it is not the first.

now the reason why I bring up power rangers and sentai....

If you notice each Sentai is like final fantasy, (based on a different theme, ethos, mythos, or theme)
If you look at pure cure, kame rider, Tales of series, even pokemon, esp gundam, you will see it is a trend,
that many japanese series or stories have incarnations or reboots, to the canon.

Sentai is a perfect example of what a incarnation and motif under another theme.

P.s. It is called square-ENIX now, enix is very into themed incarnations, and the love norse mythos,
When Final Fantasy XV is playable please see what themes are amalgamated to shape the main plot.

But now back to the point, FFXIII is intricately theme with norse mythos, and LR is not the best in the series, but I still think itis a great game.I mean it is very beautiful and worth playing.

Case close, next case please haha.
if you want to further discuss this, you can pm me at my mail box, or
start a thread called, is each FF entry have 3 major theme or not .
Also you can talk to uncle bob he works at Square-Enix haha

2nd P.s., I hope you keep track of your super sentai and not fall for voltron either(another diced up tomato) haha

Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14
Its really because I voiced my opinion at all that I hated it that I'm getting such psychotic feedback. If they put down the pipe and were not stoned out of their brains, they wouldn't play this garbage ! Its a testament to bad delivery. I was right not to list the URL's text in its entirety, and moreso for even listing the URL address itself. All that would accomplish is more fan nonsense than this to compensate for the negative review!!

Just so you know , I blew over $80 on this title, pre-ordered it for the Cloud Strife FFVII Schemata, and I played all the way through it to be very end. I think it had enormous potential . What I hated most was it strayed too far from the first two. This was a bad thing The job system, schemata , was a blatant rip-off of the dressphere job system in FFX-2 , arguably the worst FF sequel in history.

And , like another FF spinoff, FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus , it too played like an action-adventure game more than a true Final Fantasy .

I don't know, call me old-fashioned, I just think FFX-2 dressphere outfits and time limits in rpgs is just bad.
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Posted 9/29/14
I liked it, but then again I think I'm one of the few people who actually enjoyed the entire 13 series. The original XIII routinely gets crapped on, and while yes the combat system was often very repetitive I enjoyed the story. Ironically I actually was at home recovering from H1N1 when it came out, so you'd think that'd taint the memory of the game, but it doesn't lol. One thing I hated about the game though was the leveling system and how it basically capped you during the main storyline and you couldn't really go OP till the endgame. I hate games that do that and would rather become OP and pummel the endboss into mush, but maybe that's just me. I thought the "toughest boss" was pretty lazy and was uneventful though, in comparison to the Weapons of other FF's and the Dark Aeons from X.

I didn't care much for Noel in XIII-2 (man his pants looked stupid and annoyed the hell out of me), but thought the battle system was a bit better. Although the whole monster thing took some getting used to, again I found the story enjoyable and actually thought it was one of the better endings, which I won't go into due to spoilers.

As far as the time limit in Lightning Returns goes, yes it's annoying having to do the ability to freeze time, but getting the points becomes so easy that it's not actually that big a constraint, at least not to the extent that people make it out to be. And changing the availability of things during the time of day also was a decent addition. Never cared much for the actual looks of the outfits themselves, but chaining abilities to them also kept the gameplay fresh in the sense that I was always hunting for more to see what they offered and adjust Lightning as needed. I think I eventually settled into 3 particular schemata, but there was always that cool "I wonder what this one does" aspect when finding new ones.

I can say that the replay value was quite low for it though. I know the idea was to force you into more than 1 playthrough, but after one I struggled to do it again. And I think something else came out anyways to take my time instead lol.
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Posted 9/30/14
I enjoyed it, although not as much as the original XII. If I had to rank them from favorite to least favorite, it would probably be

2. XIII Lightning Returns
3. XIII - 2

I thought that it did a nice job of tying the whole trilogy together, and it was also really cool to get to see all of the characters again, and what they were up to. My favorite chapter was probably the one that involved saving Snow, that was so much fun to me
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Posted 10/1/14 , edited 10/1/14
I thought I wasn't going to like it because of the doomsday clock. I started playing it and I ended up liking it. At times I did feel rushed but I managed to finish all the quests and side quests, explore every map thoroughly, kill virtually all the last ones with plenty of time left. I would like to get the platinum trophy one day, need to replay the game 2 more times.
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