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Name of rp it's for:

Name of Character:

Sex, Age:


Tell us about the character
What they look like
Ability, skills
Anything else people need to know

Just remember what page the character is on for future reference.

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Dimensional Journey

Zongetsu( zone get soo)

Male, 30 centuries old

A Corrupted warrior from one of the forgotten dimensions of corruption. His species has been abandoned by all the gods that will exist, currently exist and have existed. He has fought against an army of dimension invaders that travel the dimensions by planet. He took the planet back to their dimension and made a sword out of the fusion of the planet's and dimension's core.

He has black dragon like skin, red demon like eyes, he has a humanoid figure if your wondering ripped up jeans from his dimension look like regular blue jeans, wears black boots, also wears a dark cloak black on the outside and red on the inside looks like fire on the bottom. He has a purple double edged sword with a pink outline, he has somewhat long hair with a smokey gray outline

steel cant pass through his skin his eyes start heat seeking when he goes blind or cant see. his sword an can cut through time and space but once he has done that he is extremely tired he reverts to a form of the nearest species. He can learn almost any move you teach him but he can't learn curses. His weakness is be cursed. with 3 important artifact of the dimension he is in he can save it from extinction or destroy it himself but the artifacts have to be the rarest and toughest thing to get. He can survive any poison but anti poisonous subtances hurt him.

His personality isn't dark like he should be. He wants Revenge on the gods is all and if he has to make a deal with a god to kill one he will do it. He is clever but he will be very mysterious on things so if you're working with him you might be lost half of the time. He is very nice but when it is time to kill you won't see any niceness towards the enemy. He loves having pets and really gentle to them if you somewhat hurt his path he won't hesitate to use the phrase an eye for an arm. One last thing you should know about him is that he is friends with one god the god of all dimensions

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