So I just finished the Fate viznovel.
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First: "finished" -- I kinda rushed, using the flowchart to avoid Tiger Dojos, though I did save at every point that led to one so I could go back and look. I also only bothered with one "clear" ending for each route.

So, anyway:

Ilya is best girl. Sakura can go jump off a cliff. Rin can... well I got nothing against Rin, really. I just <3 Ilya so much.

No, really, I'm not saying that just because she's the loli. I love her character and the way she interacts with Shirou. Her feelings felt more "real" to me than Rin or Sakura's.

The animes simply do not do justice to the depravity of Kotomine Kirei. You can probably guess what I'm referring to here.

The sex scenes in Fate and UBW were kinda hilarious, actually... at least the beginnings of them. I was disappointed the first sex scene in HF didn't also have a funny I skipped them all.

Fate Route: It's just kinda there. Necessary I guess for background and such. Plays out like any old shounen (gee I wonder why? :P) but well-done at least. I found Shirou pretty annoying in this route, but I guess that's kinda the point. >.> Shirou displays what I call "Vash the Stampede Syndrome"--the desire to save both the butterfly, and the spider.

Also... dat yuri scene. Are you sure you're not bi, Tohsaka?

UBW Route: I'm actually gonna call it my favorite, despite not having enough Ilya, even though it does give a peek at Ilya's background with BAHZAHKAH. Also, while I already knew it beforehand, I'm pretty sure I would've guessed Archer's true identity before the reveal. I think UBW had the best battle scenes. Not near enough Ilya though.

HF Route: Despite having tons of Ilya goodness, overall I must say I didn't like this route much. This is possibly because I don't like Sakura much as a character. But hot damn, the brutality of it. Characters that were instrumental in UBW and Fate got ignominious, quick, or even off-screen ends. Gil didn't even get a chance to show off.

I think the reason I don't like Sakura is she doesn't really feel like a character. She's a plot device. As such, she's not truly even the star of her own route. To be fair I guess, HF widens the scope significantly to give more characters more important roles, but Rin and Shirou are still the centerpiece, as they were in UBW, and as Saber and Shirou were in Fate.

HF does have its share of poignant and awesome scenes that can't be matched by the other routes. Shirou finishing off Saber-Alter, the death, flight from, and re-death of BAHZAKAH, Ilya's final act, heck, most of the Ilya scenes... Heaven's Feel is right. TEH FEELS.

I think I could write more here, but I don't feel like it right now.

But, for sheer enjoyment, I still prefer UBW. Or even Fate. Fate has more Ilya.

But HF has the most Ilya.

But HF has too much Sakura.

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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/30/14
If in doubt, pick the GAR route. UBW is GAR and Awesome.
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