Sword Gai Anticipation
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Posted 9/30/14


The story revolves around Gai, who was born beside a woman who met her death in a forest. He was adopted by the swordsmith Amon. A few years later, Gai becomes Amon's apprentice, and during the forging of a sword, he loses his right arm. To help him, Amon crushes the demon sword Shiryū (lit. Death Dragon) to form it into Gai's replacement right arm. Gai then is able to fuse with the weapon on his arm, and fights against his enemies.

(Source: ANN)


Kamen Rider/Garo Creators' Sword Gai Manga Gets TV Anime


So an interesting looking manga (never heard of it) gets a TV anime. Thoughts?
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Posted 9/30/14 , edited 9/30/14
Idk about this...looks kinda wacky. I might give it a try.

Oh btw, the date said SPRING 2016. Good luck waiting for this.
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Posted 9/30/14
The plot hook kinda reminds me of the movie The Man with the Iron Fists...

Spring 2016 tho... dang, and I thought they started advertising for Christmas way early haha! ^_^
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Posted 9/30/14
I feel that it's gonna be predictable and not that entertaining. Will give it a shot but i'm not expecting much.
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Posted 12/27/15
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