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100 / M / The world inside...
Posted 9/30/14 , edited 3/9/15
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100 / M / The world inside...
Posted 3/10/15
Creator (Username):Imagination-Enigma

Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):
White Glowing Swirls
None (Covered by the mask and hood)

Name:Vox "The Smiling Demon"




Special Abilities:
Mad World-Vox is able to create extremely strong illusions of all kind's that can actually create wounds and death. These illusions can even be sounds of any kind. this power also allow shim to place others under his control, almost like hypnotizing them, but it is more subtle like a strong type of manipulation.

Phase Shift-Vox is able to phase in and out of Reality. He is still visible when phased out of reality but is able to walk through anything including organic matter. When he is phased out attacks of any sort have no effect on him but he is also not able to interact with anything within reality. Vox is also able to touch something and then phase out while touching it, if he does this whatever he was touching also phases out of reality until he lets go of it. When Vox is Phased out he is also not able to create illusions of any kind.

Skill Sets:
Voxi is skilled at hiding, sneaking around, and lock picking

Special Attributes:
His mask can not be removed even by him

Vox carries around a small dagger

Magical Items:
Vox's Mask. The longer one stares at Vox's mask the more power Vox's illusions will have over reality for that particular person until his illusions become reality for that person (The effects of the mask can and will wear off after a certain amount of time, it varies from person to person)

Vox has no skill in physical combat what so ever

Resisting Vox's illusion's leaves Vox with no way to fight (Though resisting his illusions are extremely hard and requires a very strong will and mind to do so)

A sacred artifact called “A Fox's Death” the artifact is a magical tome that holds a poem that if read is able to prevent Vox from phasing out of reality (The person who uses it must be very skilled in magic)

Likes:Vox is a strange being and although he may say something he might say he hates it the next day and has nothing that he truly likes

Dislikes:Vox Abhors fighting and will do anything to avoid a direct confrontation

Qualities:Mysterious, Smart, very very smart, a bit warped (Personality wise).

Goals:Vox's goal are unknown

BIO:Vox is a being shrouded in more than just mystery, he is someone who has lived for eons but is all but known to the world, very few who live know about him, and those who do don't even know that much, the story's of Vox the “Smiling Demon” have become nothing more than fairy tales to warn kids to not be bad.
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