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26 / F / Land of fallen heros
Posted 10/26/14

¤Angelica ¤ unknown ¤ Female ¤ Izayoi

Type: Angelic Enchantress

Personality: calm and abit of a smooth talker, though she does not use this for unholy purposes. She will pray when in the heat of danger and refuses to allow anyone to do anything unjust around her. She speaks that of old English, but as a enchantress, she has been found to be a masochist, and enjoys fights more then any normal angel would.

Likes: healthy, organic food, kind people, and physical abuse

Dislikes: Rude people, fatty and sweet things, demons

Abilities: As a Enchantress, magic is in high regard for her, as she possesses bolts of holy light that she can summon in pairs of 4. These bolts do the usual damage of a arrow on anything but demons. She also possesses a halberd encoated in holy blessing. She may possesses a wider arsenal but is difficult and magically draining on her body.

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Posted 10/29/14

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