Fan service in children's anime ?
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Posted 10/4/14
I have realised that many anime's which are aimed primarily at children still contain a great deal of fan service and "risqué" themes such as brothers and sisters having romantic feelings for one another and big age differences (shugo chara: amu 12 likes ikuto who is 17 and he likes her back and this is presented as completely normal)

I know that the anime industry is always including this for the die hard otaku fans but seriously? sometimes I wonder if parents in Japan feel uneasy letting their kids watch some of this stuff. My parents would have flipped out big time if they saw a show I was watching as a kid contained sexual connotations, incest themes, etc.

As teenagers and adults we are able to look past a lot of these things in anime because we have the maturity to understand the anime industry and how it works with things like fan service. What is your opinion of these themes appearing in anime that is watched by children? what do you think Japanese parents think about their children watching shows with these themes?

AND Has anyone else gone back and watched the subbed version of an anime they watched dubbed as kid and been shocked at how different it was? I loved Cardcaptors as a kid and was so surprised at how much was edited out to make it appropriate for western children. The dubbed version is like a completely different show. I would not have been allowed to watch the show if it was directly translated.

Posted 10/4/14
I think it's an easy way to broaden the market to include adults without having to use a plot the true audience couldn't follow.
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Posted 10/4/14 , edited 10/4/14
Even Disney and Pixar movies have adult themes, sexual innuendos, and other subtle mature content that are designed to target the adults who are watching the movies with their children. Japanese culture is more blatant with using such material, that is one of the main differences.

You also have to look at Japanese culture as a whole which is more accepting of sexual content than the US or other western cultures. What shocks westerners is typical in Japan. Remember that it was only this year that Japan made child pornography illegal yet still made exemption in the law to accommodate lolicon in anime and manga. (I'm not starting a debate over lolicon, this is just a fact.) There is also the fact that teenage girls are sex symbols in Japan especially when wearing their school uniforms. A lot of things are given sexual connotations in Japan, more so than in the west, so it isn't surprising to see sex represented more openly in even anime made for children.

Most kids aren't going to understand it and those that do, they'll learn it soon anyways, and it's the parents job to put it into context if the children ask questions. That said exposure to such things shouldn't be so outright for children, that is my belief. Once their bodies start to undergo sexual maturing then that's different and they should be taught about sex.
Posted 10/4/14
^ this
Disney has been selling sex to children for years the only difference is Disney hides it. Unlike animes where they just show it.
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