PSN Sale Dates?
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/5/14
Since I don't have much access to my gaming consoles as I had before (school and such), I've leaned more to PC gaming. However, my Vita still follows me wherever I go.

I don't check the PSN store often, and I end up missing a lot of sales. As such, my memory card still has plenty of gigabytes that need to be filled with games.

Does anyone know where to find, or can show me a list with the annual PSN sales throughout each year (besides obvious ones like Christmas sales). Like, do they tend to have sales surrounds various gaming events like E3, PAX, TGS, etc. I've seen that many of the flash sales, etc they hold are set at pretty random dates throughout the year. What are the sales that I can consistently expect to find at the same dates annually?
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Posted 10/5/14
They don't announce sales beforehand unless it commemorates some special event. You might as well keep an eye on the PS Webstore for changes every Tuesday (for NA. Wednesday for EU, and Monday to Thursday for JP I think)
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Posted 12/25/15
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