What art supplies do you use?
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Posted 10/5/14 , edited 10/5/14
What art supplies do you guys use? Specifically for manga. I'll give mine first.

Pencil : Kuru Toga mechanical pencil. Rarely will I use a normal pencil.
Inking pen : mapping pen(I use ZIG ink). I do use milli pens sometimes, like COPIC Multipliers, and Pigma Microns.
Eraser : normal white eraser. I use a kneaded eraser for big areas to erase
Paper : I never really focus much on paper, but I'd say that I like smooth Bristol.
Other supplies I use : ruler, white gouache, calligraphy brush, COPICS for coloring.

I'm excited to see what everyone uses ^_^!
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I usually draw digitally, but recently I've been doing a lot of traditional stuff because of inktober.

Pencil :pentel sharpwriter mechanical pencil. It's cheap and I like how it works on paper.
Ink :Pigma microns, white ink gelly roll,and a random red pen I found around the house.
Eraser :I just use whatever I got.
Paper :I have some watercolor paper, but I generally just use my sketchbook paper. I plan to get a multimedia sketchbook sometime.
Other :Copics, Koi watercolors, and some cheap colored pencils.
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Pencil: preferably a sharp-tipped HB pencil for finishing, or a mechanical pencil, leads of varying softness and hardness, 1H, HB, 2B and blue leads in particular

Eraser: there's this kneaded eraser I buy from the people that sell deleter products in SF, the brand is hinode mukaidori . It lasts very long and it doesn't leave much eraser dust, it kinda absorbs the graphite, so it turns darker with more use, but excellent in taking away dark stuff or molding it in little shapes to erase intricate spots.

Paper: Any paper I can get hold of. I even hoard a stack of misprinted paper from my office that I just doodle on or the unwanted excess paper cut off our large printers. But if you're referring to sophisticated art paper, I prefer them large around 9"x12", 50lbs or more with a slight grain on them, like a sketchpad :D

Ink: Sakura Pigma Microns, I've been liking black brush, .03, .05 and .08 as of late, but there's also another set of fine liners are saving up for called Deleter Neopiko Line-3. For more traditional Inking I prefer speedball ink and Deleter Black 4 Ink. Oh and sharpies, black sharpies to cover black areas ^_^

Nibs: G-Pen, Saji and School nibs are amazing, but very tedious to maintain. You have to clean them frequently to avoid rust and gunk while inking. I also love the Hunt 102 nib that can hold an amazing amount of ink and fine enough to produce a long array of cross-hatching before it runs out. As for nib holders, I love the No 127 N " Koh-i-noor" german cork handle nib holders, the tachikawa T-36 and the yellow Deleter holder (though I still prefer the first two, the deleter holder's handle is too small...)

Other: Random deleter neopiko 2 and copic sketch markers, cheap watercolors, cheap color pencils.

A very dusty cat key chain on my green pencilcase, I take it everywhere I go.

Whats Inside, sakura microns, deleter line 3, sakura sumo mechanical pencil with blue lead, some black mechanical pencil my brother gave to me. At the back it has the kneaded eraser inside a ziplock bag, with a pencil sharpener and some lead casings.

This is the brand of eraser I buy ( I can't read katakana too well >_<) and the right side is a used version, I've been using this one for almost 3 years and it still barely shrunk. I'm wondering now if I should actually throw it and use my new one, but it still does its job...
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A couple of years ago my supplies would have been a bit different as I would be trying all these "professional" tools but it really is only a waste of money. I knew then that supplies doesn't make the skill but I just wanted to try them out out of curiosity but I know what I like and here it is;

Pencil and Eraser - Eraser brand is rubbed off so not sure what it is but I try to buy any eraser that isn't the kind you get for school. Pencil is .5mm from Pentel.

Brush/Ink - I haven't had the chance to use an actual brush and ink bottle in awhile and what I have isn't my favourite so not gonna bother to show it so I use the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen whenever. Haven't actually used ink on anything in maybe a year now.

Ruler - Just a clear ruler

Paper - Normal computer paper gets the job done just fine for me.

These are the things I use most for sketching and drawing comics.
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Posted 10/7/14 , edited 10/8/14

Pencil: Staedtler Mars Lumograph Sketching Kits, Charcoal pencils. Colored pencils.
Inking pen: Sakura Pigma Microns, Zebra F-301
Eraser: Vinyl and Kneaded Erasers.
Paper: Printer paper, standard sketch books, Strathmore acid free cotton paper, canvas, watercolor paper.
Others: Watercolors, markers, acrylic, ceramic.
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Posted 11/3/14 , edited 11/4/14
I don't draw much anime seriously anymore, but when I did I used to just use a mechanical pencil, copics, and some kind of paper for copic markers.

For traditional drawing I use Prismacolor Turquoise Sketch Pencils (Medium), Strathmore Drawing Paper, Kneaded eraser, Pink Pearl eraser, tissues, and a Faber-Castell pencil sharpener.
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