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Posted 10/6/14

I n t r o

Hello, welcome to Tremel Graphics Shop as in TGS. If You're Looking to help out, you've come to the right forum. Fill out your desired form. c:

R u l e s
Must be Active!
Do not Hack this Group
Be nice to the other moderators
Do not change ANYTHING other than your own post
If you disrespect these rules you will be striped of your position

L o o k i n g . F o r ?

Hard working
Respectful & Sincere

Please enjoy your stay if you are applying, if not check out the other forums!
Inspired by Ai Graphicz
and no this application is not made by me i just borrow it from Ai Graphicz

T y p e s. O f . M o d e r a t o r s

GFX moderator
As a GFX moderator your jobs it to help with themes,requests ,adding resources, & Spamming.
To apply as a GFX Moderator u will recieve a test for 1 day but it will change every week.

As a Co-creator you will be checking up groups and updating freebies, events and other stuffs while the creator is busy with schools or being grounded for a week or a party.

Spam & Game Moderator
As a spam & game moderator you will create new games that you can think of and keep those forums active you will also spam the wall and the spam forum..

F i l l . O u t . T h e . F or u m ?


●Username ::
●Activeness ::
●Program(s) Used ::
●Recent Examples ::


No more please.
Only needed 2 people thats all.


●Username ::
●Activeness ::
●Game Ideas? ::

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