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5 things people can find out about you right now.
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26 / M / US
Posted 10/8/14 , edited 10/8/14
1. I'm a college graduate

2. I have always loved playing games (I own several consoles). I especially like action/adventure, RPGs and (side-scrolling) platformers

3. I'm open to watching all types and genres of anime

4. Whenever I'm not reading manga, I read American comics and read about history, religion & philosophy.

5. I'm known to be a loner but I have no problem talking and getting along with others
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21 / M / Alabama, USA
Posted 10/8/14
1. I have some trust issues (Guilty until proven innocent in most cases is my motto)
2. I am friendly person, and usually cannot be mean or hurtful towards someone unless they are acting that way to me. Even people I severely dislike.
3. I adore romance anime
4. I find short hair on girls extremely unattractive(RL and Anime). It has to be at least below the shoulders.
5. I marathon generally every anime show that I watch. The only ones that I don't, are the ones where I can't because they are still airing.
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27 / M / Winland
Posted 10/8/14
1. I got this nickname in elementary school from a friend as a joke and been using it pretty much since

2. I play tons of League of Legends and my top position was 0.16% in EUW until I had losing streak to the knee

3. I watched my first anime couple of months ago and I instantly loved it

4. I'm interested in drawing

5. My music taste varies from death metal to nightcore
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22 / F
Posted 10/8/14
1. ... i like playing tetris, and beating people on it too

2. currently on my 4th year in university, taking up an engineering course

3. i hate chocolates but i'd still eat mint chocolate

4. i havent had any pimples since forever, but my skin easily scars with just a few scratches

5. i've had depression before but im finally recovering from it!
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30 / M / kanagawa, Japan
Posted 10/8/14
1. I've just recently realized that I no longer have time to devote to playing console games, so I'm pretty much well invested in my 3DS and PS Vita.

2. I wanted to name my son Hadji after Hadji from johnny quest, but because of what seemed to be a multitude of reason I had to let it go and instead named him Taichi from Digimon(we call him Tai) because my wife has a love affair with that show and the main character.

3. After watching power rangers when I was young I've always wanted to be one so I did the closet thing I could do to becoming a hero and went into law enforcement.

4. Going to Maid Cafes is something I HAVE to do every time I'm around Tokyo.

5. Even though most people think I'm a huge Japanophile I'm actually more into Chinese culture. ZING!
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30 / M / kanagawa, Japan
Posted 10/8/14

Bavalt wrote:

1. I'm an avid tabletop RPG player (think DnD), and am responsible for spreading the hobby to a large number of people in my area. I decided to give it a shot one day on a whim, and GMed a campaign for some of my friends over the course of 20-odd weeks. We got hooked after that, and they started telling their friends, who told their friends, etc. I know a couple dozen people who play now, and the number is always growing. I'm also a fan of board games and card games, and have a decent collection of "niche" ones such as Agricola, Thunderstone, Arkham Horror, and Race for the Galaxy

2. Continuing on that vein, I like to design games. I used to be into RPG Maker and similar programs back in the day, but my real interest lies in tabletop gaming, so that's where my creativity has headed as well. I've worked on collectible card games, deck builders, board games, competitive strategy games, and upwards of half a dozen pen-and-paper RPG systems of varying complexities. I once ran a co-operative strategy game for some friends based on a significantly customized version of Fire Emblem, and set up a spreadsheet file to do the fairly intensive necessary calculations for us. I've also completed working copies of a few of my other games, but they don't usually get that far before I get bored.

3. I'm technically a published poet, but I don't think it counts for much. In high school, my class was given an assignment to write a poem, to be sent to a national contest for our age group, and mine was one of the ones that made it into the anthology the contest-runners published.

4. I'm a huge horror fan, which is something most people are surprised to find out about me, given my friendly, carefree nature. I tend to find that I don't have much in common with most fans of contemporary "horror", however, as I'm averse to action and gore, favoring atmospheric suspense. My favorite author is H.P. Lovecraft (I even wrote my BA honours thesis about him), because despite his often overblown style, his work usually centers on "chilling" over "dangerous".

5. I actually make a point of keeping things like my display picture or status message unedited on forums and games. It's not that I want to be anonymous, but rather that I like the austere simplicity of just having things left blank. For the same reason, I wear only plain clothing (no logos or pictures, and very few patterns), and just generally tend not to do much of anything in the way of "decoration". I always choose sharp, geometric lines and solid colors over anything more noticeable.

You Sir sound like a person that I would like to meet. I'm not being sarcastic either.
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22 / M / California
Posted 10/8/14
1. I'm the one and only Iberjib.
2.I love to color, but I'm colorblind.
3. I have naturally oily skin, so I have alot of acne scars.
4.I prefer soundtracks and themes, but I generally dislike music.
5.I have a hard time picking favorites.
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22 / M / Canada eh
Posted 10/8/14
1. Name's Mark
2. I'm friggin huge for a Filipino, I'm 6'4"
3. I look intimidating at first, but I'm actually a cool person to be with once you get comfortable with me (at least I think so..)
4. I have a soft spot for babies and small, furry animals
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19 / M
Posted 10/9/14
1. I love anime (duh)
2. I really hate all music except for game/ anime music (maybe the relation to the experience?)
3. Deeply into games, love Nintendo
4. I have a 4.0 GPA
5. I like slowpoke (he's my spirit animal)
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35 / M / Washington State
Posted 10/9/14
1. I go by commandline
2. Have no idea what these cr points are for
3. probably won't read it
4. seems legit.
5. probably right
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21 / M / U.S.A
Posted 10/9/14
1. Doc is an actual nickname of mine, although not many people know it and I've gone by something else for many years

2. I day dream...a lot. Sometimes I start dreaming while laying in bed and then I catch myself pacing downstairs in my living room.

3. Tied into my day dreaming, I like to write. People have told me that I am very good at it and I have nearly aced my parts of English class that involved poetry or creative writing. I aced my Creative Writing class without breaking a sweat. Not only that, it is one of the few things I actually have confidence in doing.

4. I'm a heavy sleeper. It's probably due to staying up past midnight most nights but I usually wake up anywhere from 8am to 10am.

5. I'm just straight up shy. I'm good guy (I hope) but it's hard for me to get to know someone even when I try hard to. If you talk to me, I'm not that bad, even though I just suck at talking and usually say something weird or stupid that completely derails the conversation and I just end up alienating it.

So that's me. Go figure
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Posted 10/9/14
  1. I'm Introverted and pretty shy, but I'll hang out and talk. I'm not good with starting conversations, but I'll definitely keep them going.
  2. Video games, man. My favourite medium. These days I usually play fighting games, RPGs, and rhythm games.
  3. Music! I'm always exploring. These days, I've been listening to mostly electro house and synthpop stuff.
  4. I love Vocaloid. Synthetic voice sounds so cool to me. I'm excited to see how this technology evolves.
  5. Science. I'm no scientist, but I love science. New scientific discoveries are part of what keeps me going everyday. Never stop learning.
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27 / M / TX
Posted 10/10/14
This thread seems interesting. I shall give it a shot.

1. I drive a Volkswagen.
2.I <3 Shark Week.
3. <---My favorite number.
4.I listen to a large variety of music.
5.I live in Texas.
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25 / F
Posted 10/29/14
1. I love dogs
2. I aspire to be a digital arts special education teacher
3. I have a personality disorder(whoop I'm crazy! :3)
4. I'm a neat freak
5. I don't mind sharing or helping.
Posted 10/29/14
1. There's nothing all that interesting that I can think of to put here.

2. People can literally ask me anything with maybe a small handful of things that I won't reveal. Even those things I might tell under the right circumstances.

3. .......


5. Weebles wobble but they don't fall down.
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