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Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
Oh boy this is gonna be tough

#1. Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun

#2. Barakamon

#3. The Irregular at Magic Highschool (continuation from spring season)

#4. Sword Art Online II (it's SAO)

#5. Terror in Resonance

I'm not so good at ranking my shows lol If I watch them I like them, just some more than others. If I were to continue the list:

#6. Akame Ga Kill

#7. Aldnoah Zero (can't really decide where it'll rank yet)

#8. Tokyo ESP

.... still watching one or two more from that season.
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Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/19/14
As one said before, there are anime you like, and anime you need. To me, Hanayamata was it. Gekkan Shoujo was easily my anime of the season. Aldnoah didn't turn out to be my absolute favourite as I expected it to be, but I did enjoy a lot.
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Posted 10/19/14 , edited 10/20/14
5. Invaders of the Rokujyoma/Magimoji Rurumo (was always split on which to watch first when I seen them in my queue)
4. Argevollen (Good story that moved along at an easy pace without dwelling too much on anything to bore you)
3. Sword Art Online II (Loved the first series and was not disappointed in this new series)
2. Sabagebu! - Survival Game Club! (Total surprise that I can even watch again and enjoy)
1. Akame Ga Kill (A great story that pulls me in and leaves me wanting more. The characters are mortal!)

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