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Posted 10/9/14 , edited 1/3/15
Because most of the voices talking about the Roku app seem to dislike it, I figures that at least some of its users who like it should actually make their voices heard. As I suspect that most people who don't have a problem with it haven't even considered dropping onto the forum to express their opinion.

After the initial rough start, it no does exactly what I need.

- Shows are in HD.
- Shows stream with very little issue.
- Shows pick up form where I left off on other apps...
- ...but gives me the choice of whether or not to do so. (Which means it does even better than the PS3 app in my eyes)
- Plays episodes sequentially.

Or, to sum up, "Anime App Plays Anime". ;-)

Now, I will say that i've been using the PS3 app for many, many months now. So I'm totally used to that interface (Plus any differences are clearly stated via on-screen text). And I never really got on with the old Roku app's interface as it was the only Roku app I used to use and it differed from any other CR or media app I used anywhere else. And even now, I use my Roku was CR, iPlayer and YouTube - where they all work very closely to their iterations on other platforms.
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Posted 10/29/14
I widely agree with you, I just want things to be a tiny bit more intuitive. Using the play/pause to get to the menu is annoying.
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Posted 12/30/14
The fastforwarding/rewinding sucks, with no indication how much time you're advancing beyond that extremely vague and unhelpful orange progress bar.
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Posted 1/1/15
I think it is a huge step in the right direction.

Still some minor complaints but I'm happy just to be able to watch in HD now.
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