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● Yui looked at the boy, with a soft grin; How nice to finally meet someone with the same interests. She looked ahead while walking as her eyes widened looking at the scenery, "Wow.. it's beautiful, and seems so peaceful.." She smiled a bit. "It's so nice."
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"That it is." he said as the rain stopped. He sighed and closed the umbrella carefully so he didn't splash them with water that was left on it. "Seems the weather has a sense of humor." he said. He stood there for a moment looking out over the river. Everything looked green like it always did after a good rain. He remained quite.

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● Yui looked around, looking beyond the river having a soft grin on her face; It feels nice to be at ease.. Days are usually filled with load obnoxious things. She looked at the boy, "Hey.. I don't think I got your name.." She smiled a bit, "I'm Yui."
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"My name is Sorren. Its a pleasure to meet you Yui." he said after a moment. He walked down to the waters edge and sat down. He took off his shoes and socks and stuck his feet in the water. He leaned back and looked up at the sky.

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