Post Reply Secondary Language Option
Posted 10/11/14 , edited 10/11/14
Hi everyone,

Crunchyroll has become more and more an international community, which is a great thing. More and more simulcasts are available outside the USA. As of lately, Crunchyroll even sometimes provides shows outside the USA which are acquired by Funimation there. An example of this is Lord Marksman and Vanadis.

This brings another problem with it thought. Some people -like me for instance- are normally used to watch their anime in English, but most of the time the English subtitle rights are solely acquired by Funimation. Since English isn't an option anymore, we need to choose another language. An secondary preferred language option in the settings would be a great addition for this. At the moment we still need to manually set the preferred language, which is really annoying on mobile devices... Personally my secondary preferred language would be French, but the player always picks German.
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