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Posted 10/11/14 , edited 10/12/14


One of the many things that makes Ikebukuro unique from your usual city is the many myths and legends surrounding it. Strongest man, headless rider, slasher... If any of these names sound familiar to you, then you know that you are, or were, a citizen of Ikebukuro at one point in your life. These myths and legends are hot topics amongst the residents of Ikebukuro, and pictures and live witness reports about them are posted on the net every day. Whether these rumors are just stories citizens made up or actually legit, we'll never know. But with more and more of us witnessing these supernatural creations, more and more of us believe that the myths are true. Here is a chance for you to see the whole list. Are you updated with the latest myths, legends, and tales surrounding Ikebukuro?


The headless rider is said to be a motorcyclist with a black bike that is seen driving around the highways of Ikebukuro every now and then. There isn't much suspicious about this biker at first glance - except maybe the headlights that are always turned off, regardless of the time of day. However, there is an urban myth surrounding this black motorcyclist, one that is only based on a few witness reports. It's a myth about the black rider that doesn't have a head. Some say that this rider is a monster, others say a grim reaper, but one thing is for certain - this motorcyclist is most definitely not human.

The strongest man, Heiwajima Shizuo, is notorious for his superhuman strength, and renowned as the strongest man in Ikebukuro. Many wonder how he can even have such monstrous strength, and half the people don't believe the story when they first hear it until they see it for themselves. Always dressed in a bartender suit, blue tinted sunglasses and sporting blonde hair - he's hard to miss. It is said that he's currently working as a bodyguard, and if you ever see a body, pole, or vending machine falling from the sky, you'll know Shizuo is somewhere in your vicinity.
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